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Which trinket for wizard?

So, I’ve been running with this:

And just had the epic trinket drop:

Mu impression is that I should stay with the rare. Unless the damage boost is already included in my damage value?


I do the same, the epic isnt worth it due to very low % chance


Thanks. Glad I could check my thinking.

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The epic is better if you have it at equal(1 less)or higher lvl. Because of the Passive stats. They are bigger than the bonus the rare gives you.

The epic only provides an attack boost, not a damage boost as well to consider

Agree with Nikola - note the attack, dmg, armour, health values are all higher with the epic. But because your rare item is lvl it’s probably marginally better at this stage. I’d swap to epic at level 2 or 3 (assuming your rare hasn’t gone up as well).

Ps if you compare items you’ll find that (most) passive stats become the same when the lesser item is x levels above. Can’t recall what they are but I think it’s something like epic 1 = 5 rare.
1 legendary = 5 epic
9 common = rare

legendary L1 = epic L5 = rare L9 = common L 13

i have both of them (epic L8, rare L12)
in my opinion, i think rare is better
because i have to be well-timed to use epic. not be easy

in this case, epic is better
epic L1 = rare L5

VEpic +4 = rare

So my epic 3 = my rare 7 of the above items for passive stats.

And you said his epic 1 = rare 5, but he only has rare 4 so the passives r better with epic.

Give the Low proc rate of the epic though I think the rare is better for them. Extra dmg every time Outweighs the slight loss in passive stats

Yes. The passives were better, but the boon from the rare brought the rare back above the epic.

However, I’ve since done well on the challenges and gotten the epic to L3, so its passive now bests the rare with its boon, so I’ve switched to it. But if I get more rare upgrades, it may switch back.