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Which type of emote user are you?

Emotes has been part of the game whether you like it or not. Sometimes it’s fun to use, while other times its annoying. Its seen quite often in battles, especially PvPs, of course you can have it muted if you don’t find this feature appealing. If you’re one of those players who have it muted all the time, dont read further, as I dont want to see comments like “emotes are stupid” or “this thread sucks” or anything like that.

So there are many types of emote users, and I can think of a few below, see if you’re one of them.

  1. You spam emotes whenever the luck is on your side, whether its RNG or you simply get higher levels, you start throwing those emotes, your goal is probably to get your opponent angry. But when luck is on the other side, you keep silent.
  2. Pretty much the opposite of 1, the angry emote is basically your only emote, you use it whenever you get bad RNGs or bad matchups, you use it basically to express your anger. When you’re on the upper hand, you dont use anything because you dont want to be treated like that when you’re losing.
  3. You’re both 1 and 2, you just express your feelings all the time, you laugh when youre winning, you’re angry when you’re losing, you just love using those emotes
  4. You dont use emotes much, but once the opponent made an angry emote, you get triggered, and you start firing emotes to mock your opponent, a bit like 1 but not as aggressive.
  5. You dont like emotes, all you use are the words, the only way you express your feelings are by saying nice thanks good luck etc.
  6. You dont use emotes until the end, then you say well played or good luck, that’s all emotes are for.
  7. To you emotes arent for expressing feelings, they’re used to confuse your opponents, you use it to make your opponent think you’ve made a specific move, like saying oops to get your opponent thinking you’ve made a wrong move.
  8. You love the yawn emote, you yawn all the time. Opponent did a predictable move? Yawn. Opponent brought out a boosted maxima? Yawn. Opponent spamming emotes? Yawn.
  9. You’re the nice guy, you try to make the opponent feel nice playing against you, usually you would use good luck and well played quite often, you don’t use it only in the end
  10. You’re sarcastic, when you’re losing you smile, when you’re winning you rage, you just seem to do everything opposite

There are probably more types of emote users in this game, but these are the ones I can think of. Let us know which type of emote user you are, for me I’m usually 2/6/8

Edit: 8,9,10 added

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I’m not sure if I fit into just 1 of those.
I use a “Well played” if the opponent uses something that’s unusual and wins.
I once used the angry emote when my opponent was waaaaay above me and in spite of me finally defeating their first two super boosted lvl 30 creatures with difficulty and being down to 1 creature myself, they bring yet ANOTHER lvl 30 super boosted Thor with high speed. At that point I just used the angry emote because I ran out of stuff to throw at it.
Otherwise, I’ve used the yawn emote only if the opponent spammed me with it for the whole match with their way stronger creatures and I still won.
I sometimes use “Oops” if I crit too often and it feels like bad luck keeps plaguing my opponent. I’d use “Sorry” if there was one available.
Sometimes I use “Nice” if opponent brings something that I have advantage over. Such as when I had bleeding Spyx ready for a Tryko, or when I had the perfect opportunity to drop Kapro on them.

I’m pretty much 5

I guess I’m more of the 5 and 6 ones

imma 6 at least I think

I’m really a never use it unless I meet a yawn spammer,‘which i spam back/mute them.

Good Luck before picking 1st dino.

Nice when a nasty crit lands.

Nice when they have a strong dino.

Good Luck if it’s 2-2 and we both cloak.

Well Played at the end, even if I got beat 0-3 by a hyper boosted crutch.


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I run an unboosted arena team and of course go up against a lot of overboosted dinos yet when I’m winning my opponents still seem to yawn at me lol. It’s pretty funny. But on a serious note how about we get a “good game” emote

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I am number 6

I use Well Played when my opponent plays well (because let’s face it, most players in Aviary-Low Library don’t), Nice when they bring out an interesting Dino, Thanks and Good Luck if they give me a Well Played.
I rarely use the angry emoji when my opponent gets lucky in a game-defining situation that was in my favour. I also occasionally use the crying emoji here too.

Oh, and I use the thumbs up emoji to cheer my opponent on if they’re one of the taunting types and they happen to be winning. I have no idea how they interpret that lol.

I don’t spam at all though.

Biggest one I’ve been using lately is if I have hyper-boosted opponent, and it’s a foregone conclusion, I flash a “good luck” and quit. No point in making it quick for them to sweep my team.

Been using the yawn more for when someone pulls a very predictable move or are using a crutch dinosaur. Been not feeling well so I have not battled for some time now, so I do not know how predictable arena is.

  1. I use thumbs up, good luck, well played and nice, all the nicest emotes you can use, I don’t try to be toxic, I’m just unfortunately a spammer :cry:, I’m also a bit of 7, most times I will use them as a strategic advantage, the only time I will use the yawn emote is if someone goes all the way down with the timer(You get what you were asking for if you’re letting the timer get so low) and sometimes cry if I have done the math and know that there is 100% no way of winning the battle, e.g I know if I’m pinned/locked down by a creature and I’m on like 1hp, then I probably won’t win.

I always start with Good Luck and end with Well Played with the occasional Nice thrown in for unusual dinos etc.

Doesn’t hurt to be polite :slight_smile:


  • “Well played” or “Good Luck” at the end/beggining of a match
  • “Oops” when I make a mistake
  • “Nice” when my opponent makes a mistake
  • “Rage” when RNG is on opponent’s side
  • “Cry” when RNG is on my side, it’s like “sorry”
  • “Yawn” when I encounter a boosted monster

I never use that “Like” emoji. It feels stupid, idk what it should express. I would exchange it for a “laugh” or something

im 6 but i will tease with emotes when my opponent gets cocky and uses some teasing emotes then messes up. I’ll also very occasionally use the yawn emote. An example being when a boosted Allosinosaurus with 132 speed and around 1500 attack outspeeds and one shots my entire team :slight_smile:

I’ve never used any emotes. I don’t like to. I guess I never will.

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I use cry if I know I’m gonna lose
I use rage if something stupid happens
I yawn at opponents only if they yawn at me first, so I declare a yawn war.
I use thumbs up at a good strategy.

Well played i use for a well played battle
Nice is for a unique kind of Dino, like Spinoconstrictor
I don’t use good luck
I only use thanks if I get told well played
I use oops if I make a stupid mistake

Usually 6.
Once 4, when an oppenent yawned while having a heavily boosted (especially speed) lvl 30 team against me (library).
After the second yawn I spammed as much yawn emotes as I could.
This pointless mockery inflamed my temper. I guess the player still laughs today.
I wish I had just reacted with the thumbs up emote.