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Which Unique In 2.2 Is Best?

As much as I don’t think stygidaryx is number 1 I do think it’s better than pterovexus. Stygidaryx can excellently destroy low output tanks. Pterovexus is focused on fierce creatures, but the lack of focused fierce meta Dino means it doesn’t have a true purpose. That’s why I think stygidaryx is better in my opinion.

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Good points. Yeah, Grypo may secure a position in top 3. Hope everyone nets some Gryposuchus DNA this week :yum:

I agree with some points, but I find Vexus is even better for fighting resilient creatures because you get that instant bleed. I know there are several higher in the arena that boost it a lot and use it as a fierce destroyer, but since mine is an unboosted filler, instant bleed + 1 hit of distracting impact before dying is more than enough to soften up a massive bulky tank or chomper that the opponent has.

Especially good for Maxima now that it has no distraction resistance. To be honest, I kind of wish Styidaryx had that instant swap in wound as well, but others would disagree. Depends on your playstyle I guess

I never thought about it that way! Maybe I under estimated the pterovexus :grin:

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I have wanted swap in wound on stygidaryx for so long! If it got swap in wound it would immediately turn top 10

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Imagine the bleed stacking :heart_eyes:
Vexus + Daryx combo would be so fun even if not totally viable lol


Honestly its a tie between tryko, magna, and grypo. Which is funny since I think both tryko and magna counter grypo so lol there is that to consider.

But these three are definitely the kings or queen (which ever you prefer) of the game now. Long are the days of Gemini, max, and indo G2, now form their ashes these beats have risen especially grypo with that new move

Me too, I’m just imagining the immense amount of stacking DoT. So satisfying!

Grypo hisses in frustration

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