Which unique needs a buff the most

what uniques need a buff the most I think indoraptor should get one

which do you think should get a buff

where nemys :slightly_frowning_face:

  • smilonemys
  • indoraptor
  • dracoceratosaurus
  • pterovexus
  • andrewtops
  • diloracheirus
  • erlikospyx
  • magnipyritor

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vote on this one

Andrew doesn’t need a buff, it literally just got one that ascended him to the meta.


Cries in diorajasaur


Yea, don’t think it needs one now

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I personally like erlikospyx and it is my favorite spino in the game.

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Vexus probably is the most in-need of a buff, followed by Indoraptor. Lots of others need a buff but less urgently than those two.

N.1 is definitely Erlidom
Most basic kit in the unique roster.

Yeah he has cloak which is nice but most dinos can remove it.


smilonemys and trykosaurus as they are epic only hybrids


Erlidom. Give my nightmare chicken some love, she’s boosted to all heck and I don’t wanna remove any from her. Holding out hope that she gets buffed


max does he has been left out in the cold too long

I still think nerfing the few problematic creatures would be much better. This way only about 10 creatures would need to be adjusted with a postitive impact to the complete meta.
A buff always brings the risk of a new OP monster and would maybe be even worse for the untouched uniques.

But what definitely should not happen is a buff to an easy to make creature like indo. Everybody already has it at a high level and if the buff is too much the diversity in the arena will even get worse.
We already have the easy to make Scorp and raid Apex which are in almost every team.

Indorator my favorite hybrid