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Which unique should I cop?

I’m gonna get VIP so I likely will be able to get any of them with 5 goes. Which one is best for me to get long term? Thanks in advance

Indo or thor I wld suggest, ingredients are a bit easier to grind.

I’m actually of the opposite mindset. Go for something that’s hard to get since you’ll probably be getting Indor and Thor sooner than later. I say Erlidom or Tryko. And I think tryko can stay at a lower level (21) even through Lockwood and lower aviary. Erlidom at 21 is a bit glassy for some of those arenas. Especially when you still see a lot of tanks.


That’s what I thought. I’m a few thousand DNA off of fusing indo so I don’t want to waste the event on it, I want to know what the best one there is

Piere is right and tryko would be the one to go for. That being said, I would try and see how much dna you could get off darting each because there is a consensus that erlidom may be easier to dart and you may even get it and level it up potentially.

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Either Thor (Thoradolosaur) or Alita (indoraptor)

If you will try only one I would say go for Tryko. Erlidominus needs only Erliko, while Tryko needs Kentro and Ankylo. As you have Ankyntro on lvl 16 if you unlocked it, you probably won’t be able to lvl it up to lvl 20 soon.

I’d grind the easier ones to make. Better to have high level unique you can upgrade then low level ones that won’t ever move imo

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I will go full erlidominus and hope I can create him

I’m going all out for Erlidominous. Once I have the coins to level I am ready and able to fuse Trykosaurus. If I dart well and unlock Erlidominous with only 3 or 4 attempts I may use my 5th on Tryko.

I got erlidominus in 4 atempts and made a mistake and darted 1 godzilla if not i could upgrade erlidominus to level 22😢

I scored double on Erlidom than I normally get on Indoraptor. Erlidom might be the easiest unique to dart.

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