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Which unique should I go for?


I’m planning to use all 5 attempts on one unique but no clue which I should dart

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Maybe go for one you haven’t got yet, mix it up a little, trykosaur?

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Well that’s the thing, either Tryko or Erlidom cause I have no interest in Dioraja atm, or should I boost Thor/Indo


I think first you should decide which of your currently players you wouldn’t mind benching?
It’s a tough call but eventuallly someone will get replaced.

I think going off of sheer ingredient value, tryko would be a good choice.

Going for meta-reevance: Erlidom Is a great choice too.

We get far to frequent sino events to make Thor the better option and same goes for indo.

Edit: haha looks like you beat me to the punch and are already on the right track! GL!


If so then who should I bench? I’m holding off on Utasino til I can make Utarinex but that would also need an extra spot, Magna might be a bit weak in lower levels but I absolutely love her so idk


Is there any way you could make erlidominus from the epic spawns today and tomorrow and save Sunday for mostly tryko?


My Erliko is still at 17 and I won’t be able to use all the attempts for the epics so I’m not sure


For now I’d say bench Utah when you get erlidominus. From there it’s a matter of preference/who’s a higher level


Erlidom Is gonna be easier to dart than tryko. Maybe you can fuse tryko with epics from today, and get erlidom from Sunday


As others suggested, don’t go for Thor or Indorap. They are easy to be levelled compare to other ones. Dioraja is crappy atm so Erlikodom + Tryko … I would still prefer Tryko over Erlikodom as Tryko at 21 is beast but Erlikodom needs few levels more before can survive first hit from enemy.


Yeah it’s probably gonna be all out on Tryko, but if I manage to get ankyntro (18) and erliko (17) to lvl 20 I may do a mix of both Erlidom and Tryko


I looked at it this way:

Ankylo we are getting from daily missions, most likely for two weeks. I am darting Kentro to match Ankylo DNA to fuse Tryko.

Even if I am only close to creating Tryko, chances are good I can get the remaining DNA from incubators or wild encounters.

I will dart at Erlidom to hopefully create it, or get enough so only a few fuses left.

As mentioned above, Tryko is good right out of the box, Erli will need a few levels so is more of a long-term investment. If I was just aiming to build the strongest team I could I would go all out for Tryko.