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Which Unique will you be darting this week?

So, which unique are you planning to dart this week?

Diorajasaur all the way


I’ve got all of them to lvl 30 except Grypolyth so that’s what I’m going for


Talking about the rest of the creatures,
Commons: Nah
Rares: Nah
Epics: Could level up Tryostonix and Edaphocevia and Diplovenator
Uniques: Grypolyth all the way

Dioraja for sure.



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Dirt darting all 3 for acheesement credit, then Dio on wifes account to get rid of the up arrow bug when at L30 0/MAX.
I’ll probably do whichever is easiest to dart.

Dio if I could but I cannot because my phone has gotten low on storage again so I can’t download this tiny update. :pensive:

Dio for meimage


Not sure if Dio or Grypo yet, I want to add one of them to team but not sure which

I don’t really have a unique super hybrid but there all cool I don’t know which one to choose

You know what I will be darting Diorajasaur because Grypolyth only has one ability that attacks and Diloracheirus has the same moves has Diloranosaurus

I have those maxed already.

Mmmm more cheese.


Diorajasaur but please make it three attempts for darting unique it doesnt need to be 5 attempts like in 2019.

Rares: Mostly Argentinosaurus for the achievement. Will dart Dracorex and Charlie at least once to go towards another achievement as well.

Epics: All three at least once for the achievement. After that, mostly Edaphosaurus probably.

Uniques: Grypolyth. It’s the only one of those three I don’t have maxed out.

Why not dracorex for the rare? It’s an event exclusive and makes utarinex!


dilorachierus, im 50 away from unlocking!