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Which unique? 🍀


Its the unique event soon and I’m getting a free unique! It’s easy, hop on your bike and go all around town to get the one you like! But I just have one question: WHICH ONE SHOULD I GET?
Take this with a grain of salt. I only have rinex that I got today?
Okay, so heres what I’m thinking:
-Indo, because It’s good, but I don’t find it to interesting.
-Erlidominus, because It’s FAST BOI (like keemstar) and I kinda like the freakish turkey design. Plus it’s good.
-Diorajasaur, I have heard that it sucks, but I love the design and animation oh so much!
-Tryko. Do I really have to say more?
-Thor, Personally I don’t like it at all… gasps and I think that this is the one I won’t consider going for…

So which one are you going for? And can someone help me? May the Oirish luck be with ye! (Pretend that was an Irish accent)


Tryko (characters)


I would go for Erlidominus. Speed, Rampage, cloak, impact and run! Very difficult to beat in battle.
Maybe Tryko if you want counter.
You can get Thor by grinding.

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not a bad idea for sure. I like erlidom but already have dilora and utarinex as hit and runners :slight_smile: I think 3 of them would be too tough to use and really lack a counter attack dino. So tryko it will be :smiley:

But you can’t go wrong with any of them

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Anybody notice they misspelled erlidom and dioraja lol


Lol. Sorry


I’m going all Tryk and Anky, with the long game in mind. The other components can be hunted (with epic scents helping) with relatively more frequency. Anky is the true super-unicorn at the moment, and has always been my limiting dino in creating any of these uniques.


Not you. Ludia.


Oh, just noticed that… Erlidomimus tho

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Going tryko they is no thought in it the others are there to make up the 5 attempts


The Erlidom Mimic. lol Must be what I have, since it only pretends it can dodge. :wink:


roasted that chicken :smiley:

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Pretends?? I have never ever, and I mean it, gotten through the Erlidom cloak when fighting it… seems like a 100% instead of 50 to me :smile:


Mine’s lazy. Probably just drops down behind a bush and plays on its phone or something.


Faced two erlidoms in the arena and took them out with ease one was one shot by a cleaning impact from indo with crit


What is misspelled in Diorajasaurus? :thinking:


It’s diorajasaur


There is no “us” at the end. Fun fact if nobody knew that


As much as it pains me to not dart Diorajasaur (my third favorite dinosaur in-game) I’ll be going for Erlidomimus.


yet they spelled thoradolosaur right. :thinking:

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