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Which uniques are strong at low levels (21-23)

As I’m making plans for what to dart this weekend I would appreciate some advice from those of you who have had uniques for a long time. I have all uniques, but Tryko, Magna, Tenonto are only 21 and Erlidominus and Dilorach 22.

My question: Should I focus on leveling Erlidominus or Tryko? Those need the rarest/most difficult to acquire DNA, so it will have to be one of them… or both?

Thanks for any advice/comments/suggestions!


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Tryko is hands down one of the best In the game. And it’s good from the start. The component value is so high that I would recommend darting tryko. Depending on player lvl and team needs. You could essentially dart erlik and Trex for epics then dart tryko for the uniques. Erli is good when everything works. But it can become a liability in certain matchups. Tryko has a ton of great matchups. With only a few bad ones


it is way harder to dart tryko and kentro. Ankyl is easy to dart and so is erlik, so im assuming erlidom will be as well. i can average 250 on erlik and ankyl but only 150 on kentro so im sticking to the highest return per dart being erlidom and erlik

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If at same level, I’d say magna 1st, tryko 2nd, dilo 3rd, and elirdom 4th, indo 5th. The other uniques are a bit further down.

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