Which Uniques still remain viable going up?

I have been completely confused on which uniques to level up. So what better to do than doing almost all of them at once. Now I realize, that wasnt the best of ideas, seeing as how I wasted countless coins. For you, which uniques are still relevant to this changing meta, and why? I’m finally trying to focus on just one at a time.

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These are my dinos:
Screenshot_20200416_112642_com.ludia.jw2 Screenshot_20200416_112719_com.ludia.jw2 Screenshot_20200416_112712_com.ludia.jw2 Screenshot_20200416_112709_com.ludia.jw2 Screenshot_20200416_112654_com.ludia.jw2 Screenshot_20200416_112650_com.ludia.jw2 Screenshot_20200416_112705_com.ludia.jw2 Screenshot_20200416_112701_com.ludia.jw2

Indoraptor is pretty safe. As a movie creature, it’ll never be allowed to fall out of relevance I think.

Trykosaurus seems to be excellent for the long run also. It’s considered to be the best balanced unique.

Beyond those two I’m not sure what is a safe creature to go for that’ll be really good long term. Probably Smilonemys, Geminititan, and Diorajasaur as well


Besides those, I was also building towards the Spinoconstrictor, I know it lacks in skill, but it looks pretty cool, and who knows it might get a buff later on.

I like Erlidominus, Diorajasaur, Geminititan, Ardentismaxima, Grypolyth, Magnapyritor, Smilonemys and Trykosaurus. I haven’t got them all yet but my mrs has and that’s the team I use when I battle for her :blush:

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Check out the Gamepress tier list.

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@GooseyGanderLFC - that’s pretty much the list I was going to type - plus Mammolania (which I know very few have got)

I haven’t used mammolania yet is he any good? I’ve seen a few people say he’s a bit OP

Oh yes, he’s good :smiling_imp:

Hell yeah he’s good


Basically the harder to get, the more viability it has in higher arenas. Gemini, Mammolania, Trykosaurus, etc.


I tend to go for what I think of balance staples (i.e. Dinos that define the meta).

Dinos like Tryko, Magna and Erlidom. These Dinos can be easily shifted up and down by tweaking their stats a bit but they are very unlikely to be reworked. Dinos like Gemini, Mammolania & Ardent probably haven’t settled yet (i.e. they will be tweaked a bit going forward).


He’s pretty good. I would say that entelemoth is a bit better, but when lania is set up, it’s pretty bad

For you, that is

Of all the unique’s I have, I tend to favor the ones I boxed in yellow more than others but I do play them all.

I’m getting close to Spinoconstrictor and then be back down to only 2 not collected but already working toward Mammolania next.


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it’s biggest weakness is stuns (which like no one runs now cause of immune meta) and null - and it’s pretty amazingly shockingly awesomely massively unbearably powerfully definite rampage comin for your dino good.

Don’t overlook dio. I think it’s much better than rhinex. I honestly think it should move up a tier as it’s one of the most versatile creatures in the game


Uniques are not always the answer; there are certain legys and epics which are better (ahem Indo2 , ProRat)

But if you are sure, stay away from bleeders( for now) and go for things like Erlidom, Tryko, Ardentis, Gemini, Nemys, basically immunes and tanks.

I run full team of uniques and always will. When I first started the game I looked at all the uniques, and it seemed like I would never get them. People can run whatever team they want. I use them because they take me a lot of hard work to unlock. I will never level up that goddamn green chicken and indom gen2, even if it holds me back in the arena. Plus indom can be well countered by ardentis. In my opinion the sooner they nerf the hell out of that disgusting Prorat the better

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If you want to see what top 500 are using you can click on their teams in the leaderboard. Imo nothing is “safe” to level. Stuff can get nerfed fast.

Trykosaurus, Magna, Erlidom, and Dio have been consistently good for a long time (all farmable except Magna). Ardentis is good in this dodge meta. Orion is also easy to make but low S rank. Nemys and Mammoth are very hard to level, don’t recommend. Grypolyth very niche. I expect Gemini to get the nerfhammer soon…

Also as someone said some non-uniques are extremely powerful, like Phorusaura and Indominus2. You are close to unlocking Erlidominus, which will carry you far. Sorry it’s long :sweat_smile:

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