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Which was the best meta we had?


Before Superiority Strike when raptors dominated the arena?

When tanks were immortal damage dealers?

Before Monomimus was nerfed because of the “gross miscalculation” and it could 1v3 your whole team?

Or the current “Swap-in-win” meta?


The original raptor meta. They weren’t as bad as people imagined and the Arena was more balanced.

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The pictures are pure gold oml lol


Definitely tanks. Also, I agree, these photos are brilliant!


Wow! Very clever. I really like this. Favorite is the raptor era. Tanks were fun but battles would take forever


I like that 2 of the 4 supposed meta defying dinos, I’ve still never used :joy: maybe that’s why I can’t crack top 10 :thinking:


This. I liked the tank meta but it was definitely the most boring after a while.

Honestly I find the current meta the most enjoyable.

As someone else said the “raptor meta” was kind of a myth. If folks had had time to develop the counters other had it would have changed on its own. It already had for some

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As much as I think the swap in rampage is a little too op, I definitely appreciate how quickly I can get through battles now, win or lose

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Steggod era!!!


:joy::joy::joy: brilliant.


I loved the raptor meta, I always wanted to go all raptor until the tank meta appeared


I have to say raptor meta aswell,it was the best.
They were op and hoppefully it was fix but tank meta was boring because consisted of getting 2 tank hitting each other.
Monomimus was too strong before but his nerf is clearly too strong now.(and proceratomimus replace it totally so,i don’t understand the nerf)
And the draco nerf are abused.I compare them more of a glitch abuse than an actual playstyle.
Btw,your picture…
I have to applaude!