Which was your best?


This happened today. I’m sure we’ve all been there :joy: something a little different aside from the tournament, Prorat, boosts dilemmas, what was your luckiest Dino for fuses? I got really lucky with Erlidominus (2 x 60 fuses) and Trykosaurus. Yet Thor, Dioraj (23 x 10 fuses) and the nightmare Magna have been terrible luck wise for me. Anyone recount any particularly lucky/unlucky ones?


Once i got 100 on a suchotator, which kind of sucked cause i was hoping for one of those on procerathomimus. i was just fusing sucho for xp :frowning:

Damn, 100’s are so rare. Think I got one on Purrolyth. I got a 90 on Indominus Rex the other day. Needless to say it resulted in the big 1-0 on Indoraptor

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All 3 of my speedsters (erlidom, spyx, and rinex) are super lucky with fuses, usually rolling 30s, 40s, 50s, and even 80s quite often. From my tanks, only Smaxima is the one who rolls the 40s and 50s quite often. My most unlucky is Gemini. 10s over 10s, rolling 50s and 80s once in a blue moon.

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I’m lucky on Grypo wich I got a 70 and Tryko with a 80 and other good fuses but sadly they are the only uniques wich I’m lucky on fuses

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Yeah I’ve heard from loads of people that Gemini is bad for fuses. My koolabourg is only level 19 and that’s been bad enough with the 10’s. Sounds like Gemini is gonna be a right nightmare. What level is your Gemini at?

I’m fusing Grypo now only on 70/250. What’s your 8 Dino team?

velo, yoshi, carbo, thyla, t-rex, indom, erlikogamma

Yeah had same experience with my Koolab. Lots of 10s to go with the Gemini. Hit lvl 25 on Gemini today. But even funnier is the streak of bad luck I get every time I level that colorful longneck and go to arena. Been getting critted on by almost every opponent, (usually on Gemini itself), and have dropped from 5449 to 5090 today within mere minutes.

none of those hybrids i got more than 60’s on, but i got 100 on the suchotator( oof)

To be honest it’s not a bad hybrid to hit 100 on. I’ve seen people level Suchotator up to the high 20’s and he was decent against none immunes

ehhh… bleeders not usually my type

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Damn that’s not nice. Would you say he’s worth the pain to take a place in your team? Once I’ve got Magna, Smilo and Gryp he’s my next project :sob:

the only thing i dont like about epic, legendary, and unique hybrids is that there’s always one ingredient that’s really easy to come by, but the other one, you have to stick in a sanctuary and spend all your FIPs on.


actually, yes.
i havent played with suchotator in like a month. But i do sometimes fuse for thyla, which is, I guess a substitute that badly needs a damage buff.

When bad luck isn’t happening, yeah definitely worth it. Can sometimes kill Thors if making use of the distract and the rampage well. Can also mess with Procerathomimus and annoy the Erlidoms with the shield. The one problem I see is that it’s the target of future nerfs because it’s very strong. If it’s just adding a vulnerability to bleed, wouldn’t be much to lose. But if they make it vulnerable to distract, it loses its role as the best IndoG2 counter.

suchotator and thyla dont work at all against immunes because they highly depend on DoT.

but suchotator works REALLY well in campaign battles and strike events

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I wasn’t talking about them, but if Gemini were to be made vulnerable to bleed it would make those two more relevant.

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