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Which would you use


I am around the 4300 mark and I have a 21 Paramoloch in my team but waiting in the wings is a 22 Tanycloegrous! Should I try Tany

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Try it for one battle and if it doesn’t work up to your expectations swap her out again.

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I think I may swap out my 18 tryostronix for my 18 paramoloch. See how it goes. I don’t have enough dna to level tany up. When she was everywhere I completely ignored her!! :woman_facepalming:t2:


Im thinking about that but at the moment I don’t want to experiment! Just looking for others that have used Tany and how it works out! Tany doesn’t have allot of moves and could use a swap in or immunity! That would make her awesome :clap:


Tany is a common, it’s not supposed to be awesome. Over-levelled it can fill a role (like almost any common) but giving it anything more would be nuts.


I stopped my Tany at 20. Hoping for a hybrid, but I still keep her on my team as I need the nullifying. She fills a role.


i think tany needs to be overlevelled to be useful. want a nullifier? try monostego

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Tany is my backup. I use Monomimus for that. I never even bothered creating monostego because at this point it would be too low leveled for my team and mono DNA is hard to come by.

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You say that like it’s possible to get Monolophosaurus DNA