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Which yellow dragon do you prefer?

Hi Vikings
My teams power is around 4500 at the moment. So far i still have a maxed 2* Serene Stromcutter (yellow) in my team. I didn’t find an better alternative dragon. I really like the fast speed, the decent damange and 35% bonus health.

Which dragon you think is better and why?

I am not shure about the 3* Pincer because of it’s slow speed. The 4* Bombwhelter could be the best 4* dragon but it will take an eternity to max it.


I got Serene but I replaced it with Bombwelter. But I’m not able to make it 3* as I can’t get a duplicate. So I was leveling Pincher to 3* and replaced it. So far so good. Maybe it’s slow but the bonus health for everyone it’s quite good. The ‘slow’ means you need 12 yellow tile to fill the spirit bar which is not so hard.


I have 4* Skywarden, who I find relatively useful. If you’re looking for a healer, 3* Brutewurst might work better for you. Of course, getting them is up to luck.

I like this one for the heal and defense down. This combined with an all allies dmg buff is really strong.