Which Zone?


Hi. I’ve only been playing for almost 1 month, mainly for my son who loves to do the battles. I notice people talk about zones. Which zone am I in? I see way way way too much Parasaurolophus! Mine is a level 16 (thanks to 4 year old leveling it up and spending all my coins!) and have 6164 DNA available. I also see a ton of Brachiosaurus, Monolophosaurus gen 2, Suchomimus.

I live in a rural area. It has been so hard finding T Rex and Raptor DNA. Just trying to figure out what zone I’m in. Any tips on finding T Rex? I only see him once a week.


Sounds like you are in zone 4 :slight_smile: Raptors and rex are global spawns - trex day, raptor night.

Best of luck!


I don’t understand the zones either, but you definitely want that Para dna, good for the Tragodistis hybrid you’ll want.


Keep as much of the Parasaurolophus dna as you can now it’s above 15 it’s decent for making a hybrid I’m sorry I can’t remember the hybrids name and that thing up there will explain zones. Edit - yeah that 1 :point_up:


The meta hub charts (shared by Wrothgar) would be very useful in identifying/mapping zones.
You seem to be in Zone 4 where you can find Para, Allosaurus, Suchomimus as commons in abundance. Below are few tips to mark out zones around you:

Print a map/use apps like My Maps and start plotting down the common dinos you find in abundance:

  • Before starting, check the meta hub link to understand what are global spawns, park spawns, local spawns.
  • Mark down where you find Epics repeatedly. Epic would spawn more around same spots (apart from Global epic spawns).
  • Identify gas stations, banks etc. using Google maps: Nests have higher occurrences of rare, epics.
  • Understand what dinos spawn during what time of the day (eg: raptors spawn at night, apatosaurus mainly during day etc.)

I have been farming for many months and now remember my zones by heart. But tracking the zones would help you find what you want easily and what route to take if you go on dino hunting.