While letting the maintenance get in your head


Why can’t we just come up with something that divert us. Like the week’s showcase, should I devote darting the megalosaurus to fuse a megalosuchus, or grind my kaprosuchus to lv15 for later use of spinosuchus? I’m open for suggestions.


If you already have gorgosuchus at level 15 I would go all Megalosaurus.


Already grinded to lv15, and still got 1 attempt left. So does the megalosuchus present much in the battle?


I couldn’t tell you yet. Looking forward to maybe unlocking it on Friday. Megalosaurus doesn’t exist within a 10 mile radius of my house. I haven’t seen one in the wild since I started over a month ago. Mine is still at level 7.


So far as I am informed from YouTube, megalosuchus the most agile counterattacker with the speed of 115(might get changed after update?) But what I found contradicting is this dino isn’t so much of a defensive powerhouse, nor is it a damage machine with the initial attack of 586. Also 115 in its speed would still get outrun by most them cerapods.


I imagine it’s for destroying tanks.


While it makes much more sense, let’s stay tuned for the maintenance.


For sure. The whole world is about to be upside down.

Just an educated guess based on the fact that gorgosuchus is getting defense shattering.


I’d go for the megalosuchus for sure. My lvl 18 megalosuchus has killed a few levels higher indominus. As long as you get your shield up, one hit in, along with a counter you can defeat it.

For the indoraptor though, that’s a different story for another day. Not a strong enough “tank” to survive :joy:


Megalosuchus is cheaper than spinotasuchus to fuse.


Got enough dna this morning to unlock Gorgosuchus…need both Kaprosuchus and Meglosaurus…am kinda unsure which one to go for myself…guess we are gonna have to wait and see what happens with the balancing