Who acts first when question marks? Person to hit attack button quickest?


I had heard that is how it determines who acts first? So be quick?


Yes, when both dinos are equally fast and same level, person who quicker press attack button wins


Yes be quick and have a better phone than your opponent :thinking:


This would be nice for either a developer post to confirm or not. If picked myvattack b4 the count down is even ticking and gone second many times. I’m sure others are locking in quick too but some real evidence would be nice if it exists


Same which is why I was trying to confirm.


It needs to be down to a 50/50 not whose phone registers the button press quicker.


Probably who appears to have acted first according to the Server running the battle. Full fiber optic lines get advantages over ISDN, for example.


Speed(if tied)>level(if same)>rarity(if same)>who press first


Sucks to have a slow laggy connection then.


Why do you want more rng? Do you legitimately want this game to die? Rng already ruins it enough.


Because at the moment whenever I face an equal dinosaur of the same level my opponent always gets the first attack. Always. I think I have had one maybe two first attacks in this situation since May when the game came out. It’s ridiculous. This is one instance where a 50/50 RNG is needed.


I always thought it was 50/50.

I’ve had times where I’ve waited to push a button and went first and other times where I’ve pushed an attack just as quickly as it appeared and my opponent went first.

It should be 50/50 as who had the fastest reaction can be affected by processor speed and data connection. It’s basically a turn based card battle game and who goes first in a tie should be determined by a random event such as a dice roll, not by who plays their card the fastest.


Simple solution, battle at home on wi-fi.


I get the button as fast as I can.

Maybe you should stop failing at sarcasm on the forums?


Explain how I’m being sarcastic.


Maybe you should hit the button faster instead of whining on the forums then.

You were trying to be serious with this response?

You realise that trying to hit the button first is actually irrelevant because possible connection speeds, lag between communicating systems…etc. This is why it needs to be a standard 50/50.


That’s why you play on wi-fi.


Not when you are outside you can’t. Not very often.


Then don’t battle when not home.


I have the same problem whether I’m at home battling on wi-fi or i’m outside doing it. From reading these forums I’m not the only either.

Getting back to the topic and not arguing about this, why do you think that having a random 50/50 would be a problem? Let’s work on it from there.