Who are the new tyrants?

Since the 1.12 was realeased the meta change so it mean new top tiers in the meta

So who are the tyrants in 1.12 ?
If one candidat has more 50% so it’s a Tyrant, if not it’s not a Tyrant

The candidates : Indo g2, Phorusaura, Tryko, Magna, Spyx, Erlidom, Thor, Tenrex, Thylacotator, Procerat, Gemini, Maxima, Grypolith, DIO, Orion, Spinoboa, Extreme Bald Cat, Entelomoth, Mammotherium and Tarkus

Vote the dinos who are the strongest for you

  • Geminititan
  • Ardentismaxima
  • Spinoconstrictor
  • Magnapyritor
  • Erlikospyx
  • Erlidominus
  • Grypolith
  • Trykosaur
  • Diorajasaur
  • Thoradolosaur
  • Tenontorex
  • Smilonemys
  • Quetzorion
  • Indoraptor gen2
  • Phorusaura
  • Mammotherium
  • Entelomoth
  • Carnotarkus
  • Thylacotator
  • Procerathomimus

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Edit : there is no limit choice


Ok wait this topic is glitched I made an another :rofl:

I don’t feel the meta has changed at all in 1.12. No escape only applies to a select few creatures that I hardly encounter anyway.

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Ok it works now

Even if the meta don’t change there is some changes who can change something, this is why I post this

i only picked 5 as i’m not sure on the others without all of them in the game to play out new mechanics.

Edit : there is no limit choice I forgot to post this

Boosts are


High Tyrant:

Geminititan *
Indoraptor Gen2



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oooh. splitting tyrant class.
didn’t think of that.

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Some creatures are just so busted that tyrant isn’t enough.

Grypolith stronger than Indo g2 ?

And stronger than Maxima ?

I know thet are probably not tyrant but I had to vote for Tarkus and Thylo simply because I love them

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I have yet to see what is giving people trouble with Ardentis though. I’ve used my Spyx and Erlidom to rampage several Ardentis into oblivion. Gemini on the other hand, it’s plowing through the meta.

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I am not sure about this splitting up of the Tyrants they way you just did but I guess I could split the top 12 into a top 6 and a next 6.
Based on Top 50/top25/Top10 analysis I did yesterday and taking into account availability of DNA
I would say the top 6 are
Trykosaurus 48/50 23/25 8/10
Ardentismaxima 46/50 24/25 10/10
Magnapyritor 39/50 18/25 6/10
Indoraptor Gen 2 37/50 19/25 7/10
Quetzorion 31/50 17/25 6/10
Gemintitan 11/50 9/25 5/10 but DNA is limited.

Rounding out a top 10 is
Grypolyth 22/50 19/25 7/10
Smilonemys 10/50 8/25 5/10
Mammotherium 2/50 2/25 2/10
Phorusaura 6/50 5/25 3/10

Going to put some space here.
The last 2 of the top 12 are

Erlidominus 29/50 21/25 4/10
Even more space here
Procerathominums 6/50 2/25 1/10 DNA is limited

The above 12 is where I will draw an imaginary line but lets talk about the rest.
There is not enough information to judge Entelomoth and wooly mammoth DNA is most likely dedicated to going to Mammotherium, but it does look like it could be tyrannical, but for now I can’t judge.

Diorajsaur is very well represented 33/50 17/25 6/10.
Thylocator is also well represented 13/50 10/25 4/10
One could argue they could be considered tyrannical based on how well they are represented
but Thor is still well represented as well at 21/50 16/25 3/10 and even though it has been down graded recently it’s usage has increased in the top 25 since I last checked.

I don’t believe Spinoconstrictor or Erlikospyx can be considered tyrants considering the immunity levels among the other tyrants and Erlikospyx is no longer well represented and is 10/50 3/25 1/10.
Tenontorex is at 6/50 3/25 1/10 although the T-Rex Gen 2 DNA should be going somewhere else and we are dealing with a park rare, this Dinosaur holds up well against other tyrants so I can see why it could be considered.
As for Carnotarkus only 1 is in the top 50

What could also be on this list and was excluded but is represented in the top 10?
Two immune dinosaurs with high damage output.
Indominus Rex Gen 2.


I didn’t put Tryo because I can only put 20 options in the poll, I can made an another one and this time exclude the dinos who have less 50% the votes

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I don’t think that is necessary. I think your poll was great and would have the same results. Except for Entelomoth the data matches up. Tryostronix most likely is high apex.
The true outlier is Indominus Rex Gen 2. Which may be a sneaky tyrant.

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Ok ok, that makes sens. Added them to High tyrant, and demoted mammotherium to tyrant

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What makes sense?

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