Who are the new tyrants?

I did not want to put too many votes, picked five: Ardmax, Gemini, Tryko, Orion, Indo2.
-Ardmax + Gemini, beat almost everything. Hits through dodge. With massive bulk will severely dent even the things they don’t kill, thus a good meta blanket check (like DC!!).
-Trkyo, very good backbone for the team. Almost always fits your team composition. Just that I think automatically boosts it to tyrant. Of course it’s a powerhouse by itself.
-Orion, good swap in move, high base speed, null, insane attack power
-Indo 2, afk on Cautious Strike to win

I feel that Erlidominus has been losing its grip on Tyrant with the large number of evaders, nullifiers, and shielders. The only dinosaur I have no experience with is Mammotherium. I haven’t used it and only saw one on ladder, level 30, it got smashed because it had no boosts.
eta: Grypo and Smilo are also very good…

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Forgot Magna, Magna is easily one of the best. Erlidom is still absolutely Tyrant. Therium is High Apex though. As is Entelomoth and Proceratho.

Where did you come up with this list?!? Smilonemys isn’t “HIGH TYRANT”. You forgot MAGNA. Magna is better than everything except the twin towers. THYLACOTATOR?!? How about Majundasaurus? Thylacotator and Therium and Entelomoth and Procerat are barely blips in the meta. Also Erlikospyx is at best borderline Tyrant. You forgot Spinoconstrictor too. It destroys all non immunes with little exception. Other than MOST of the list though, not bad.

are they only blips because boosts make it almost impossible to change a team around? or is there another reason?
just food for thought.


I think you should see what the meta actually is before attacking someone who put together a great list. Which was very well thought out. Do you actually play with any of these creatures? Or are you just basing off of stats?


Therium and Entelomoth could be contenders given time, but few people have them and distraction will go a long way against them. Proceratho just doesn’t function as well as you’d think on level. Thyla can work well, the only issue is that like Therium it can be distracted, and without the kick from RT falls short quite often.

From what I’ve seen Stygidaryx is slightly ahead of Magna now. Easily too tyrant


Hey Babs.

Read your post and couldn’t disagree more. This game isn’t played 1v1 in a vacuum so comparing creatures in that manner is very incorrect. Thyla is an amazing creature who can do everything and the mammoth hybrids are amazing. If you haven’t unlocked them all yet you can say that you don’t have experience with them and that’s ok.


Smilonemys- Really good, not on par with the others in High Tyrant.
Trykosaurus- One of two dinos that beats Gemini on level, does well against most speedsters, High Tyrant
Magna- Objectively has the third highest winrate, therefore, High Tyrant.
Thyla/Procerat- Great Epic dinos, not on par with the other Tyrants ON LEVEL. Work wonders overleveled, unshockingly.
Therium/Entelomoth- These seem really strong on paper but when I take them for a FB spin, I find them to be easily distracted and predictable.
Erlikospyx- poor performance against Immunes and low health. Would be solid if it weren’t for prevalence of immunity.
Spinoconstrictor- Nobody has this, nobody has faced this, pure numbers and speculation, but based on its ability to dodge and stack bleed, plus go through Evasive, clearly a good Dino, though just squeaking into Tyrant, could be influenced by my personal affinity for snakes.
So my arguments actually do have reasons behind them.

I happen to have the win rates for 1.12 and spoiler alert, Magna is not in the top 3. We’ll be putting out more information soon and of course working on our own tier list, but I think the one mentioned above isn’t bad at all! Fairly similar to what I was personally thinking actually.


I have unlocked them. I’ve used Therium quite a bit. It’s better on paper. I haven’t gotten much of a chance to play around with Entelomoth, but it seems similar to Therium in playstyle, so I suspect it’ll fall in with Therium. While it isn’t a 1v1 vacuum, 1v1s are important, and will continue to be so.

So I’m guessing everything you test is on h2h basis? Nothing to do with swap in/out potential or actual gameplay. With persistent ferocious strike distraction doesn’t reduce much on the two Mammoth hybrids. And with moth having MF it can gain priority while cleansing distraction. Same with therium on dig in.


I dunno man. I think the #1 player in the world might have a pretty good idea as to what he’s talking about. :rofl:


Well JEEZ SORRY! Chill. Calm down. Yea I put spyx to high. I’ll explain everything.

So Magna. Magna is great. It really is. Probably borderline high tyrant. But unfortunately, Magna lives in an immune meta. If this wasn’t an immune meta, I’d put Magna in high tyrant.

Smilonemys. Well it got some insane buffs this update. It got rampage and run, shield decel Strike. This makes smilonemys really good in my eyes.

Entelmoth is 100% tyrant. On escape heal is so good. It’s the ultimate rat counter. It’s just a solid pig overall. Like mammotherium is a solid rhino. Both are tyrants.

Thylacotator I’m ready to defend. It doesn’t rely on debuffs. It has rending takedown, prowl and overall is just really good.

Procera is still insane. It’s a tyrant for sure.

Spinoconstrictor is borderline. But I’m not making a low tyrant. High apex it is.

Overall, your being a bit unfair, comparing thyla to majunga. Your without a doubt one of the most entitled people on the forum. You act like your the best player ever and argh. Your list is very questionable! Yours is mostly 1v1s, which is why entelmoth and mammotherium aren’t that well.


I need to know why you think Grypo is stronger than Indo g2 and Maxima, I see some peoples love it but it’s weaker than Dio for me

Sorry I didn’t see you put Maxima and Indog2 in High Tyrants xd, I still need to know why Grypo is High Tyrant

Not much has changed except that thylaco got much worse, and entelomoth is better than Mammotherium from my personal experience. That on escape regen and mutual fury is more useful than some might think. Especially since mutual fury makes it faster than any other un speed boosted dino

I agree except for thylaco. After that extra delay it is quite a bit worse. Still probably mid-high apex but def not any higher than that.

Entelomoth is definitely underrated though. On escape heal and Mutual fury is waaaay better than people think

Edit: turns out thylaco didn’t get a delay so nvm

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There is no extra delay. That turned out to be a typo.


Or so Ludia says

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