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Who battles the absolute minimum or not at all?


Just curious, as I’m reading so many complaints about the Arenas now, how many of you have started battling the absolute minimum or stopped battling at all?

I used to battle as much as possible because it was fun matching my team to others at about the same rank. Nowadays I battle the bare minimum to get my slots full and the daily battle reward.

(Please no discussions about the how, why or “you’re team is crappy”…)


Beneath minimum…i try to fulfill daily missions via Friendly and Towers.
RNG and DC keep me away from Battle Arena


I still battle a lot, though less than I used to. But at the end of tournaments, when you’re just over the trophy count for a better reward like I am now, forget it!

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I battle minimum. To me this is a walking game. The claim Ludia make that dailies including 12 matches can be done in 2x20 minutes sessions is false. 12 matches with matchmaking is near an hour then add to that the other missions. The battles are a very poor gaming experience wish they were optional.


I go streaks these days… but its significantly less then I used to…often i battle enough to complete dailys then im done.

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Bare minimum. Enough to complete the daily mission and get incubators. Won’t play it properly again until the matchmaking issue is fixed.


Always battled to fill inc spots and it is even rough doing that at times it might take me an hour or so to fill them

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I haven’t played the game all week.


I try not to battle at all if I can help it. I hoard incubators, including the daily one, rely on strike towers and friendly battles, and only go into the arena if not doing so means missing out on a daily mission. I’ve never liked the arena, back from May last year. Too much anxiety. And as the arenas get worse and battling gets more and more stale, I’m less inclined. When Alanqa was the daily dino I didn’t battle for at least a month, and it was great. Almost hoping the next mission dino is trash so I can sit out again.


I only fight for my incubators and daily missions. If I’m really bored, I might battle for fun.

But until they fix the matchmaking so that I don’t end up fighting a team full of uniques, I won’t battle continuously like I used to.


Just enough for daily missions. Don’t care about filling incubator slots. Half the time I don’t even bother to get the daily mission.


In all honesty, I’ve only had 1 arena match in the last two months. That was only because I needed footage of arena for a vid I was making.

I stil log on every day and do my dailies, donate DNA and spin drops, dart dinos and go after the SE dinos. I still think its a fun game without Arena.

I went back to FPS and MMORPG and skill based games for PvP.


I used to enjoy battling too, but now I don’t like it very much. I just battle to get incubators but even that is too hard now. It’s just stupid.

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Bare minimum. Battling is no fun at all.


Bare minimum here also.

I can usually fill my daily mission battles/incubators with the strike towers. Some days it means holding off on a multi-step tower until the next day if my battle count is already met.

I do enough to get my daily battle incubator, for Alliance missions, then I am out of the general arena.

I do not mind the Friendly Challenges for battle count missions. I have a great Alliance where most like to use skill more than RNG or the swap in death. Put in a good team and see if you can out play your opponent. We do have a few that like to mix it up with all evasive strike, or all swap ins and even that is fun at times.

I used to always keep an incubator going and liked the general Arena. But for me, the meta has devolved into something that is not enjoyable anymore. The match making also leaves something to be desired. I would not mind an occasional much higher-level team, but when it becomes the norm, it gets frustrating and I stop. I do not worry about trophy count, so have no concerns about making progress or not.

I find it relieving when Rank 4 Defense is reached and I do not have to battle for the daily for a few days. I am a hunter and enjoy the search for what I need and the darting. If I did not enjoy the hunting aspect as much as I do, I would have left the game months ago. If the battle requirements were increased to where I was required to do more battling for the alliance, I would leave the alliance and go solo to just hunt. If the game itself required I do more battling, I would just stop playing.


I go through phases. I actually avoided the arena for about three months from December to February because it was so frustrating. Right now I’m battling enough to get my incubators, which means I lose - a lot - but it’s at least somewhat enjoyable unlike a few months ago.

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I haven’t done a single battle since St. Patrick’s day because I missed Trykosaurus by 14 DNA and I’m too scared to battle if I run into a unique.

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I like battling. This is the only incentive to go out and collect DNA. There’s no reason to play this game if you don’t like arena battles. DNA collection’s purpose is getting stronger dinosaurs to battle.

Nevertheless, you may still battle the minimum for many reasons. Lack of time, motivation, etc. So, yes. Sometimes I battle the minimum, just to keep my incubators going or complete the daily missions.


Just for dailies…
Used to love it before Dg2 and DC (and rng)…they made me hate it…when i need some incs and battling for them in arena, but a DC swaps in i just put down my phone immediately and dont restart the game for a hour or so…they ruined it for me. (Even took out indoraptor from my team cause i dont want rng on my team)

Btw i still love hunting and collecting dinos


I battle the minimum amount to get max rewards then hit the road.
Battling cuts into my hunt time.
It has nothing to do with the arena really, it’s ALWAYS been my favorite part of the game.

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