Who best?(epic multi tools)

As most of you know sinocrratops and ankylosaurus make two legendaries that make uniques. But which is better?

  • Ankylosaurus,rajankylosaurus,diorajasaur,ankentrosaurus,tykosaurus
  • Sinoceratops,utahsinoraptor,utarinix,allosinosaurus,thoradolosaur

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As much as I love my Thoradolosaur, Tryko is REALLY good. lol


Dio and Tryko forever in Jojo’s Jurassic Adventures


Honestly the sino lineage is better until they get to the uniques :laughing:


people seem voting for last dino, tryko, so oprion 1 gets more votes.

but full second line is a lot more used in game, since all dinos are useful for their levels, since the first pure epic.

but it’s always a nightmare to choose were to spend these epic dna lol.

Ankylo super Hybrids are better then sino super Hybrids, but the sino hybrids are better then anky hybrids.

Ps: SpeedOrion is best waifu

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The only thing good about ankylosaurus is its super hybrids otherwise it’s pretty bad.

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Id Say Sino Because They Are Seen More Often Than Ankylosaurouses