Who better to have higher HP Tier? Thor or Utranix


Who better to have higher HP Tier? Thor or Utranix. Both are level 30 and currently have Tier-5 HP boosts.


I would wait to boost either of them until the patch notes release tomorrow. Perhaps the health nerf Utarinex received this update will be reversed :crossed_fingers:

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I play to their strengths.
Tanks=Health priority.

My 2 cents:

Current setup:
-More speed=less hp+moderate damage
(Raptors/raptor types)
-More damage=less speed+moderate to high hp
-More hp=less damage+less speed

My opinion:
-Tanks get more speed+more damage+small hp boosts
-Raptors get more hp+some damage+small speed boosts
-Chompers get more speed+more hp+small damage boosts

The basic idea is to improve the weaknesses. I think this will make a team more balanced.

Also, more balanced teams = better matchmaking

So one broken dino to sweep everything, and then Utari just in case some other…person… may use the broken dino against you. Nice plan, GG. :wink:

But in all seriousness, you should wait for 1.8. Thor has a massive neon target on his back right now. And Utari seems free and clear.

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