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Who came back today?

I cleared out my notifications

The A.I. girls

:smirk: Really was hoping for someone else

Same. Hopefully, tomorrow one of my matches returns, otherwise none of my matches would’ve been updated this week. :crossed_fingers: :worried: :crossed_fingers:

I broke down and subscribed to VIP again only to finally match with Ingrid. I was on my 19th timer and I canceled it after matching

I don’t think I’ll ever buy VIP unless they actually make it worth the £10 a month asking price or reduce it in price. :arrow_down_small:
The only thing remotely good about it is the early access, but it’s only 3 days (I think), so I can wait. After all, I’m a gamer. I’m used to waiting for things. :smiley:

I was the same but after 10 timers I gave up