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Who can you unlock on Patch Day?

Other than the Carbo hybrids (as no one’s going to have those unlocked day 1) who can you unlock on day 1?

For me, it’s everything, and once Indominus Rex gen 2 gets to level 15, i can get Indoraptor gen 2 unlocked instantly. Gonna start throwing blue in sanctuaries a lot more so i can level that monster up

None of them-

All except Carbo hybrids.

I can unlock the rhyno hybrid, and might be able to unlock all of the rest but the Unique.

Indom Gen 2, Sucho Hybrid, Rhino Hybrid and that’s all for now, I’m working on Blue now in the Sanctuary.

Sucho’s hybrid most likely. The rhino one too, and possibly Phorusaura.

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4 out of the 7

Do we know the ingredients and values?

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200 Carbonemys [Level 20] (Event Only) / 50 Smilocephalosaurus [Level 20]

500 Phorusrhacos (Incubator Exclusive) [Level 15] / 50 Maiasaura (Wednesday Daily) [Level 15]

Indominus Gen 2:
50 Echo (Local 1) [Level 10] / 50 T. rex Gen 2 (Friday Daily) [Level 10]

Indoraptor Gen 2:
50 Indominus Gen 2 [Level 15] / 50 Blue (Event Only) [Level 15]

50 Carbonemys [Level 15] / 200 Nasutoceratops (Event Only) [Level 15]

50 Elasmotherium (Tuesday Daily) [Level 10] / 200 Brontotherium (Incubator Exclusive) [Level 10]

50 Marsupial Lion (Thursday Daily) [Level 10] / 50 Suchotator (Local 4) [Level 10]


For Brontolasmos, wouldn’t it be 200 Brontotherium per fuse?


I have enough DNA for IndomGen2 and IndoraptorGen 2, and will have both within a few days of the update, which will most likely come tomorrow

Thanks! You’re right, forgot bronto was a common

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Thanks. I can definitely do the Indominus G2 and Indoraptor G2.

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“Unsolvable issue” my rear end. Lets be honest, theyre using that as an excuse to drop 1.9 monday since it will likely include some of the new creatures

I added their spawn locales to my little spreadsheet for more reference on getting ready for them

indom g2, indo g2, brontolasmus, thylacotator

All the hybrids except the 2 Carbo hybrids.

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I agree except no announcement yet. So a sudden maintainence break would be rather… annoying.

Thanks for this info! Any idea what levels the dinos will need to be at though? Especially the marsupial lion, I definitely have tons of suchotater DNA but my lion is only level 15.

It only needs to be 10, so your way over the requirement.

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