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Who can you unlock on Patch Day?

Thanks for this info! Any idea what levels the dinos will need to be at though? Especially the marsupial lion, I definitely have tons of suchotater DNA but my lion is only level 15.

It only needs to be 10, so your way over the requirement.

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Phorusaura: phorusrhacos l15 + maiasaura l15
brontolasmus: brontotherium l10 + elasmotherium l10
carbotoceratops: carbonemys l15 + nasutoceratops l15
indominus gen 2: echo l10 + trex gen 2 l10
indoraptor gen 2: indominus gen 2 l15 +blue l15
smilonemys: smilocephalosaurus l20 + carbonemys l20
Thylacotator: marsupial lion l10 + suchotator l10

Oh wow, I’m mad I leveled my lion up to level 15 then haha. Oh well, thank you so much for the info! :smile::pray:t2:


I accidentally did the same but with suchotator

They announced it in the jurassic world the game forum too. I don’t think that is why

I added level requirements also, hope this helps!

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My suchotater is level 27 bc I love her :joy: I’m low key hoping the hybrid is gonna suck, so I don’t feel as bad wasting all those coins and DNA. But I have a feeling the hybrid will be amaze balls. :heart_eyes:

“Technical issue out of our control” LOL.
Aww what’s the matter, Ludia? Is your system glitching due to all those Montreal exclusive events you keep having? :face_with_hand_over_mouth::rofl::thinking:

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All except the carb hybrids.

well, the only good thing is that with a huge requirement of DNA to level up you can stock the DNA for fusing

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I think it’s hybrid will be probably be hideous lol but it’ll 2 shot kill literally anything not immune so that’s pretty dope. I think that more than makes up for the lose of suchos bulk and distract IMHO

And with its lethal wound and rending takedown doing all the damage you don’t even have to spend damage boosts on it!

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I mean, you never know. They never tell us anything

I think I will get the sucho hybrid, the rhino, phorusaura , indom gen 2 but not indo gen 2 cause I dont have enough echo (only 2k dna) and obviously not the turtle hybrids

Indom gen 2
Indo gen 2 I just need to get Echo to 15

You mean Blue?

Yeah, I wouldn’t get Echo to 15, that’s a waste of DNA.

Yeah still will be able to get them both with no problem. I cannot wait

My Blue is 15 because of raptor event
My Echo is a 13 because I thought I would need her to be 15. Yeah i know wasted DNA

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With the obvious ones aside, I can get them all. Which is pretty cool.

Really can’t wait for carbonemys. I hope it won’t be exclusive dna. Carbonemys should be global like rexy/bary… or even a park. Anything but exclusive. And it shouldn’t really go into one area I guess, that’s giving only certain players access. Global or park would be best.

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I did the same - not sure why - all the rest were 10

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