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Who can you unlock on Patch Day?

Oh okay, checked again and it reall is only legendary. Always thought it‘d be Unique. Well, this means I could get it pretty fast depending on my coins.

Likely won’t be able to unlock:

  • Both hybrids that need Carbonemys DNA.
  • Indoraptor 2, since I don’t have that much Echo DNA…
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You mean Blue? Indom takes Echo.

Sorry to disappoint but it is event/sanctuary exclusive…meaning our one true rat counter (Smilonemys) is going to be Geminititian-level difficulty to make

Problematicarus Rex


Where does it say Carbo going to be event/sanctuary exclusive? I thought that was only the two Big Rock creatures …

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My raptor squad is all level 15. I never thought they’d do anything with them lol I was about to try and take them all to level 30 probably starting with echo so I’m glad the announcement came out when it did.


That part was under the new 3 of them on the release notes. It did not specifically state if it was one, two or all three of them though.

The 3 new creatures including Carbo are above this - you then have this sub-heading and then the two Big Rock creatures which we know are special event only. Poorly worded but 99% certain it will be in the wild and probably a global given it is used in both hybrids. IMHO of course.

I hope you are correct!!

yeah… i didnt read anywhere that carbo is exclusive.

I mean I won’t have enough Echo to raise Indominus 2 to level 15 and to create Indoraptor 2…

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Read back through the releases notes. I believe you are correct about those 3 being available to dart in the wild.

Good catch!!

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Now that im reading it again, im not seeing anything about turtle boi being exclusive. Sorry for the miscommunication. Lets hope it isnt too hard to get dna for it, as it will create the ultimate Rat counter

That’s really weird indoraptor gen2 is only legendary since it’ll be a super hybrid! That’s confusing haha, and indoraptor is legendary too. Does that mean indominus gen 2 is only an epic??

Yes it does

I found this really useful - not my graphic and no idea where it came from

Click to view the whole thing


Ah sorry, my bad.