Who currently on your team have you not leveled in the longest time?

It really only just occured to me that I haven’t leveled my Quetzorion in probably three months. Currently at level 25. Not surprising I’m sure, Quetzal dna is excusive.
I think even my Magna has gotten three levels since then.

Same here I think, level 25 Quetzorion. My 26 Carnotarkus is close behind though, after Wuerhosaurus went exclusive fuses have been few and far between.

Indoraptor Level 23

Right now it has to be Ardentismaxima. Sitting at level 29 for quite some time.

Proly my Tryko, still 21 because I don’t really care about moving up in the arena

my T-rex :neutral_face: :heart_eyes: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :crazy_face:

Quetzorion, still have 1.000+ dna but dont have money

My Common Tarbosaurus :joy: :rofl: :joy: :rofl: :joy: :rofl:

i just went through a leveling spree with a lot of my uniques. i’ve got 4 more i want to level.
but the one that’s gone the longest has to be tryko. got it to 25 and haven’t leveled it in a few months.

Not on my team now, but Thyla. It’s been level 20 for months since ML can’t be found anymore and I need to FIP other things more.

That’d be Thor, it’s been 30 for ages now :wink:


Gemini, at level 29 with just 10 dna awa from being maxed


My rinex has been hard to lvl up since dracorex went exclusive. Sitting at 29 now, this week’s dracorex event can go some way in getting the dna. 550/750. Need another 2k dracorex to top it up to 5k. And I can do 2 rounds of 5x fuse. Assuming 1 round nets 100 dna, 2 rounds shld be enough to push it over the line hopefully :crossed_fingers:

Level 23 Quetzorion. I’m currently trying to get tryko to level 24, then quetzal, and finally Dio

Tryko, but only because all of my Anky DNA has been going into getting Dio up to Tryko’s level. Soon I can work on Tryko again.

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lets see…ophiacodon

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