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Who didn't make the cut?

I’m seeing a lot of Nayeli since her stats got pumped up - and now having tried her out myself properly, I heartily agree: she’s a tank, and is now on my roster. Between that and Jarlaxle’s appearance, many players would need to leave someone off their roster too.

I’ve let go of the bard. I know that Dominate literally wins battles when it works. BUT, I feel like between turn order, critical misses, heroic resistance, or the enemy hero having a restore strategy via cleric/pally/fighter, there are too many times that the planets are not aligned and it doesn’t win the battle for you. And if she ain’t dominating, she ain’t on my team.

Who did you leave off? And why?

With good old Boris giv8ng a a 50% chance to 8njure for 200% I don’t think I can let go of bard :wink:

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I briefly benched the Bard since Dominate is erratic but I also like her mass heal so put her back on the team. I’m sitting out my Warlock at the moment which is probably a mistake. Rogue sometimes get cut for being squishy. Maybe Barbarian since he can be great but if Bard dominates him not so good. I love the Paladin so I keep her on team.

Hate the bard, idc if she can cheat her way to a win. She can go crawl under a rock. Drow needs to catch up for me to test him properly.

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I’ve settled on leaving the rogue out once I level the pally enough to use. Want to use jarlaxe when leveled enough. Haven’t figured a second hero to bench yet

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Agreed, when they fixed the pally they overpowered her. Characters need to all be equal, but with different attributes for different things.

Rogue and farideh are out I prefer nayeli and jarlaxle

Farideh is too good to leave out.

Rogue out for now. When jarlaxe comes I don’t know what to do

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Barbarian for me. The fact that it’s a hard pick is a good sign that there are no terrible characters.


I am in exactly the same boat as you

I agree with you Koyote

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Agreed Cpt