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Who din't love Counter Attack? But Diorajasaur, Grypolyth or Trykosaurus, who deserve the crown?


Tryko is still the god. Skills and statswise is the best of them.

I didn’t have a chance to try grypo yet, so can’t tell about it in practise. Statswise is very inferior to the other two. Diora can do fine and is very close in stats to tryko, however is still a step behind as almost any other dino in the game.

Tryko was the best dino in the game by far in version 1.6. I expected a little nerf in version 1.7 to match it with the rest of Tyrant but it did not happen.

What happened is an important buff to the previously abused Dioraja and the Grypo. I do not doubt that Dioraja is a new “Tyrant” (neither have I tried the Grypo nor do I ever try it as long as it is easier to find a green unicorn than a park crocodile :slight_smile: … but the Tryko is still the beast of the game.

I don’t consider Tryko a pure counter attacker. Her counter is 0.5x and does pierce armors and shields. to me is more a “staller” dino which waits for the best moment to kill the opponent with her rampage.
Grypo and dioraja instead rely so much on their counter attack damage.
I think that the match for best counter attacker is between Grypo, Dioraja and Purrutaurus. I have not unlocked Grypo yet (working on it actually), but to me seems the best option because her kit seems to be the most “dynamic” and does not have a necessary order. Regeneration + Immobilize seems to be a great combo. Waiting for some rsponse by some Grypo users btw.
However, they are all 3 really valid options right now and i love it. Thinking about putting one of them on my team.

How about…

This guy

He’s great. Killed so many Dios and grypos, but has some problems with Tryko

Agreed… And there’s room for improvment, since it’s only an Epic. Looking forward to see the evolution!

I personally preferred Dioraja more than other counter attacker~ His definite counter attack combined with ferocious strike is really very pain~ It will be perfect if Ludia buff his critical chance to 20% :wink: