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Who do I swap out?

Who do I swap out above? You can see my roster and the 8 uniques I have “on the bench.”

I will be fusing Scorpio Gen 3 tomorrow and hopefully CompyC by the next unique tourney.

Not sure which two dinos I drop for them.

Right now, maybe it’s because it is needs more levels / stays … smilonemys seems to be my weakest member

You really can’t switch out much. I would work on beefing your line up, mainly Gem and Smilo if you plan to keep them.

I’d honestly say maybe Smilo you drop, maybe for Dracoceratosaurus, but other than that, everything else is fine. Just level up your team for now.

Smilo is one of the top creatures in the game right now, although I admit I’ve never found her much use without a lot of boosts.

That said, Indominus Rex will start to lose some of the usefulness in later arenas, so I’d say her.

I would say everything looks fine so I’d focus on leveling up things like nemys and gem. I would also find something to eventually replace indom