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Who do I use/boost?

I need to use 4 of these and boost 2…

Dinorach (28) speed boosted 6 times :frowning:
Rat (29)
Magna (26)
Indoraptor (28)
Indo G2 (26)
Spyx (26)
Quetz (26)
Dioraj (25)
Monosteg (27)
Tenotorex (26)

I already have these mostly boosted to high heaven…

Thor (30)
Erlidom (27)
Ardentis (26)
Tryko (29)

I’d suggest IG2 and Spyx. Let’s see what others think.

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Nobody… boosts are bad


I agree with @GTA. Tho i would be careful with indo g2. i foresee a nerrf coming. if it isn’t stats and just CS getting a lighter load, then it should be fine.


Which 4 do you start?

I haven’t boosted anything but my tryko. still in the deciding phase.

Yup, completely agree. Since this new update just came out, it will probably be awhile before the next update. And even then, nobody knows how long it will take before IG2 gets a nerf. Look at how long it took DC to get a nerf and Proc still hasn’t gotten one yet. That’s why I went ahead and suggested IG2 because at least it can used for awhile before being touched… and even then, if it’s nerfed really badly, 50% of the boosts can be returned.

Put most of them into indo g2. It is still really strong.

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I wouldnt put anything into Indo G2.
Here is why

My bet is Qutzl. It performs insanly good for me and i dont think it will get changed anytime soon.


thanks for this. where was it posted?

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So where gonna vote for balance now… im not exactly sure how thats gonna work out.

I could see the draco nerf being reverted do to popular demand.

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i honestly wasn’t expecting this so soon. polls and surveys are a decent way to gauge the expectations for the player base as a whole, rather than just those on the forum. (it took me over a year to create an account on here.) But as you said, popular demand may not always be the best for the game.

I could honestly see thos blowing back in Ludias face immensely… people are refunding boosts and boosting some of these guys… as we speak.

To refund boosts because of the draco nerf… then after the survey possibly reverting some of the changes back…like giving draco an attack based swap in and removing its regen.

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i’m going to play this by ear. we will see what happens in a couple of weeks.
(at least they actually are listening to feedback and having the community help balance things)

Their intention may be the best placed right now
. But this game has a huge percentage of player base is casual… that voted for such things as stego for xmas and suchotator over irritator.

If you go by the forums draco was the most hated dino in the game… if you go by the game… everyone used it and most of them had nothing to do with the forums.


From the “we want to hear your feedback to the battle balance changes” theard.
I dont think i can post a link?

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Sounds like indo2, Quetz, and Spyx are the top 3. Since I spent 6 speed boosts stupidly on dinorach and it’s at 28, maybe I use that as the 4th?

Magna, not sure about the rest. Quetz is good too but you are already using erlidom.