Who do you relate to?

With so many matches and unique personalities in the game it’s inevitable that we will relate to one or more characters.


So which one or combination of characters do you most relate to?

Awesome question

A little bit of Nina/Antoine/Noah because I love animals and nature. Ingrid I’m a huge music fan and can relate being an outsider. Sage and her dark personality also Eveline it’s so easy to use the internet to make a persona of being in complete control. Samantha/Aesha I’m a gamer oh and Capt Muffin

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Fei, because we’re both massive geeks. One difference though is she knows how to make video games; learning how to code has been something I’ve wanted to do for a long time but never got around to doing. Video games are a big part of my life. I’m a gamer through and through.

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For me it’s Jasmine/Kayla because of the detective bit. I start courses towards my degree in Criminal Justice later this year.

Fei because we’re pretty much the same person. Kind of eerie to be honest. I’ve been learning to code and working on my own game for about two years now. I’ve also been known to get stupid excited about things and “AAAAAAAA”. Admittedly kind of shy in person. :neutral_face:

Aesha/Samantha because, like Fei, hard-core gaming aspect. Used to host LAN parties. :sweat_smile: There’s a gaming console in just about every room of my place. Plus my PC. Plus a bin of retro systems stashed away in my closet. Atari. Heck yeah!

A little bit of Eveline/Jade but we won’t get into that.

Then Adam/Dominick because dad jokes. I love dad jokes. So much. Photography as well. Always been a hobby of mine. Mostly the dad jokes though.

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I guess I’m a little bit of Wyatt, Adam and Alice too and Felicia

On the gaming aspect I have had at one point or another the NES, SNES, Genesis, Sega CD, Saturn, GameCube, Wii, PS1, Xbox 360, PS2, PS3, PS4,PS5, DS, 3DS, Vita, PSP, N64


That’s awesome!

I’ve owned the whole spectrum too. Though I went more XBOX/PC after the PS3.

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That’s a lot of consoles. I’ve had a GBC, GBA, PS1, PS2, PSP, Wii and an Xbox 360. I currently have a PS4 and a Switch. I’m now trying to get a PS5, but it’s a challenge to get one. I’m hoping I’ll get one before February. I currently only have one friend who has a PS5, but only 'cause he bought one off a scalper for £1000. But knowing my brother can’t get a Series X is consoling.

I currently just have both the PS4/5, I got lucky getting it during one of the releases back in August

I usually wait about a year before trying to get a new console, but after hearing how hard they are to come by, I started earlier and six months later, still no luck. But as much as I want one refuse to pay a scalper 2 or 3 times more than it’s worth to get one. :triumph: :anger:

I broke my usual pattern I’m the same way honestly

Freaking scalpers are awful. Getting worse over the years too.

Been trying to get a new graphics card for my PC… people are camping out in front of stores that get card shipments. Then posting those cards online for three times the price.

Here in the UK, it’s against the law to scalp tickets, so I’m not sure why the government has made the whole practice of scalping against the law. :man_shrugging:

I had a bit of luck and I followed some tips from this guy who tracks the PS5 drops of every retailer in the US, maybe there’s someone similar in the UK

I follow a few stock alert pages on Twitter, but I work during the night and sleep during the day, so they’ve already sold out by the time I see it. :cry:

I do exactly the same thing and I just woke up early afternoon one day fought off a headache and was in complete shock when it actually went through