Who do you think had a better chance at beating indie 2.0

Let’s see which herbivores (beside ardont) is the best at doing the most damage or out right killing the destroyer of teams




  • Dsungaia
  • Nodopatotitain
  • Paramoloch
  • Stegodeus
  • Carboceratops
  • Bajatondon
  • Monostegotops
  • Monomumis
  • Tragodistis
  • Gigaspikasaur
  • Ankyntrosaurud

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I know Dsunga has a chance from trying it in the previous legendary tournament.

Dsungaia. You first FS and go for either a thago or SDS depending on what your opponent does.

Noodle titan sometimes. Carnotarkus is more about fighting Indo G1 though, because at least that one doesn’t distract it.

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I use Ardento and Tenonto… But for the sake of your poll I would say Dsungaia…

Dsungaia has a shot if it hits through dodge at some point.

Maxima is an unreliable counter since it doesn’t win all the time, but it can pull it off.

I imagine Gem has a better shot than anything else.

In short, in order to beat IndoG2 1v1 you need sheer dumb luck that you either hit through dodge or happen to make the right prediction.

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The most reliable method I’ve found to beat it is to sacrifice a tank like Tarkus to it, making sure it’s Decelerated when it Rampages, then bring in Phorusaura and one-shot it.

I had massive success against irritationraptor with edmontoguanodon and Dsungaia in the tournament. Dsungaia is a little more dependent on hitting through dodges though.

I kept Dracorex G2 on my line up as well so that I didn’t have to worry much about leaving Indo2 set up

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In arena anyway, since they don’t use MF.
I doubt that would work in the tournament.

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Lol you mean dsungaia is full dependent on going thru dodge
image image

Oh ya exactly I’ve tried doing that just doesn’t works since MF is used all the time

Maxima is one of the FEW 100% IG2 counters. DS->Decel Impact->DSR.


Not really it can just go cautious then ES on Decel then MF to kill it

MF and cautious are basically indo get out of a tuff situation card; that how you also how it can kill ardont

That doesn’t kill Maxima. 1400 x 0.85 = 1190. 1190+4200 doesn’t equal more than 5700.