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Who do you think is the weakest unique in the game?

Hahah no magnus just can’t two shot it without a crit while anarc can

Just go VI + DR= dead magnus. Magnus also can’t stun more than 25% of time so like 3/4 times venator should be able to go for rampage.

Actually do your research before telling me this:


Unless you crit on the rampage, you lose as ceramagnus

Please do your math before telling me I’m wrong

Before making bold claims, please actually do your math ON PAPER.

And just in case you dispute the indoraptor vs tenrex matchup, here

Yeah,on a “UNBOOSTED” environment,
You guys forgot,this is not the case :slight_smile:
There will be T20 magnus everywhere soon enough and no one will do 20 hp boost on antarcto

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Ya hey you know what else can be boosted…other creatures amazing right.

People run boosted thor, stygis, Indos, and even erlidoms why would they also boost stuff like Antarctovenator


just out of spite. if i get the dna for and boosts for it, I’ll do a 20 HP anrarcto.

First up, no. The vulnerability on the impact is 2 turns. SV is 1 turn. Second, it’s an impact

While yes, it is what tov uses to beat out creatures like mammolania and entelolania. Without it, it loses

All your maths are based on an unbooted environment ,so they are useless in a true PVP…
As i said,show me an actual matchup where you won with poukan ,antarcto and indoraptor.
Maybe on those useless canadian tourney it was possible (and i don’t really care),but i want to know how you do against a T20 magnus,or a 15/15/0 tryko.
I am serious,
I play a lvl 30 poukan since the update,enteolania and lvl 28 antarcto,they are among the weakest of my team,(except entelolania which is incredible)and i used to play stygi,indo and the other bird.

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You realize that for tov vs cera, you need about tier 12 to still kill it if it has T20 attack.

Tryko is killing all of them, and that really isn’t that much of a concern as it doesn’t pertain to the matter at hand, and if people are using tov on arena teams at top levels, yeah it ain’t useless.

Also, against my maxima, a good poukendactylus build (many say around 18/6/6 is best) still wins

So Once again, before saying “you are wrong”, DO YOUR MATCHUPS

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Then you probably played/boosted wrong

Antar isn’t rubbish at all I use her at level 25 and she’s really not as bad as people say


I will say this it’s just indoraptor at this point the others have a good lead ahead of it cause indo can’t do anything. Thor eats it, shields just end it and jeez it can’t even deal with the other cunning’s even in lower rarity’s such as its gen 2 counterpart

Indo actually beats thor most of the time

are you joking lol, dio is one of the strongest uniques

and no its not vexus either. vexus isnt good but it at least has resistances and swap synergy.
considering you said you are level 10, you shouldnt make such outlandish claims about uniques, since you dont have any and have likely never fought any.

The right question here is which ones are actually strong… cause it’s less than those that suck for sure…

That’s a discussion for a later day