Who do you think is tyrant and apex in 1.8?

Heres who i think. Boosts arent taken into consideration.

Tyrant: Diloracherius, Erlikospyx, Utarinex, Trykosaurus, Thoradolosaur, Erlidominus, Dracoceratops, Diorajasaur

High Apex: Monostegotops, Spinotasuchus, Grypolyth, Utahsinoraptor, Magnapyritor, Quetzorion, Smilocephalosaurus, Procerathomimus

Mid Apex: Suchotator, Tenentorex, Allosinosaurus, Megalosuchus, Tragodistis, Stegodeus, Stygidaryx, Geminititan, Ardentismaxima, Diloranosaurus, Stegoceratops, Tuoramoloch, Carnotarkus, Tyrannolophosaur

Low Apex: Pterovexus, Indoraptor, Skoolasaurus, Purutaurus, Diplovenator, Ardontosaurus, Gigaspikasaur, Alankylosaurus, Gorgosuchus

What do you guys think? Make your own lists if youd like.

Dont take this list seriously as well. Its just speculation, and my personal opinion.


Tenonto not even in mid apex??

Expanded the list to include the rest of the apex tier thoughts. Felt like that sort of comment was coming lol

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What about Nodopatotitan?

It didnt really get buffed in the update, so it might end up as high alpha again

Gamepress’ (formerly Metahub) meaning of their tiers.

Tyrant: best dinos in the game

High Apex: the faces of Apex and something about them holds them back from tyrant

Mid Apex: the dinos that are right at home in the tier, not too strong, but not too weak

Low Apex: dinos that are good enough to make apex, but overall need a buff

Not taking boosts in to account shouldn’t Magna still be Tyrant?
In a Dracoceratops world, you may want to take another look at Tenontorex.
Minority opinion, but Tenontorex is underrated.


I propose a new tier above Tyrant called “Broken” exclusively for Thor and Rat.


The reason i put magna lower was because of its massive hp nerf it took. Im not saying its horrible by any means, its still really good and im currently using it as well. I just feel its hp nerf in conjunction to being vulnerable to Rat made it lose its tyrant placing.

As for Tenentorex, while i see it as still good, i just feel like theres just better chompers than it, namely thor and tryko. Plus it received nothing to compensate for the crit nerf it took, unlike the others


If you consider boosts, then yes. If not, then just rat.

If thor wasnt so obnoxiously boosted, its much easier to handle and much more in line.


One thing I noticed it Tyrannolopho, it’s much better than people think. I’d have it in mid.

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I considered it to be mid as well, just wasnt sure due to crit nerf. Now that i think about it, ill go move it real quick.

This occurred with Carnotarkus and whether i should put it high or mid, but chose mid due to its hp being meh for a tank

It didn’t get buffed but it can now be used against Dracoceratops due to its armor, so at least it gained in survivability.

Yes, it can tank it, but rat can simply regen and get out of there, which is not desirable if youre on the receiving end.

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Tenonto is a dino that you have to know how to play it. You have to take decisions, that’s why is underrated. If you pick the wrong move you lose, but if played well it has nothing to envy to the other chompers. Not like Thor, which is way easier to play. I think it should inherit some stunning capability from Tenonto btw (swap in stun or a stun move instead of DSI). Thor probably a little bit ahead due to boost-40%crit combo atm, but they’re closer than people think, and to me they deserve to be in the same tier.


I think the guessplay is the reason Tenentorex is high or mid apex instead of tyrant, but if it got stunning impact like you suggested, it would have a good chance at tyrant. When he was first released, it was tyrant, and that playstyle for it (the one where you constantly guess properly or take the consequences) was probably the reason it has fell from grace.

That and thor got an attack buff in 1.8 to compensate for the crit multiplier nerf, while tenento got nothing. Thats just me lol


Yeah, maybe my idea is just “potential” and justified bu the fact that i play it and it does very well for me.
But probably you are right, and with this meta people tend to prefer only one playstyle, but very effective (Thor), rather than a versatile one but dependant on the player’s choices.

Would lower Dio and Erli to high apex. All your other tyrants run circle around everybody else but those two.

I don’t think dracoceratops will still be tyrant.
High apex

Thor tyrant though for sure but I don’t see the list changing much.

Thor and Tryko may be better chompers, but know what’s better?
Running Dracocera, Thor, Tryko, and TenRex.
I got 99 problems but Dracocera aint one.