Who does this remind you of?

I know it’s supposed to be a theropod, but who else does this yellow dino printed on my son’s PJ’s remind you of?

Looks like Kamata-kun

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I don’t know, but he’s a cute lil guy!

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Looks like a future koolasuchus hybrid :laughing:


Hahahahhaa!! Not what I was going for but it totally does.

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I was thinking Koolasuchus. Making sure it wasn’t just me. Been seeing it so much lately, I was worried I was starting to see it even where it isn’t.

Today’s incubator prize. Please let there be a hybrid coming. I’m actually partial to the little guy.

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kind of like a cross between a trex and a whale. that’d be some party :partying_face:

It’d be a whale of a time.

@Calebrys I hope so… at least it would be useful for everyone who got koolasuchus this strike towers… :joy:

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Personally Im seeing Raja

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Checked with the judges and they’re saying we’ll count it :+1: