Who else feels this way about strike events 🧐


So there is a new strike event out on the map… but what is the point of having these low level events? The DNA earned isn’t enough and the cooldown period for it is so long…
the idea is nice, but it has to be something like the rare incubator one we had, bring out the epics, maybe even legendary events! Make it worth the time to find an event and fight several battles lol
The reward needs to make sense, it has to be more significant imo


Even the harder one last time was a bit boring - Level 7-11ish dinos vs my 15-20.ones. Coin and DNA was nice but didn’t lose a single dino let alone a match. Would be good to be more evenly matched. Cooldown way too long.


or maybe not limited at one shot.

if you end an strike event, you can find another tower and do it again, perhaps upgrading the level of the battled dinos, to see how high can you get.


I’ll do the strike event. Just won’t rush out the door.

Unlikely to get frequent rare events. If the choice is common strike event or nothing I’d prefer the event. Despite hiding dino’s and stealing Park drops.


Since your progress is saved across all events on the map, they could design it so that the more Strike Events you compete in, the harder the dinos and the better the rewards. That way everyone can get a challenge

Dang it. Christiano beat me to it. :expressionless:


I need to test this with my husband who hasn’t make any strike event so far, because I see a number of matches when I am tapping the event not in range, but then when I reach it, it will load and then sometimes I see the number of the matches increasing, seen that I almost complete every event. I was not sure of it.


I agree that these events are too easy. Why wouldn’t you make different levels and players could choose and play for example only 2 of them.
Make an event for few days with some themed dinos and 4-5 different difficulties. So everyone could choose 2 of them to complete. That will be more interesting for every tier of players and add even more challenge and risk to choose the category you can manage with.