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Who else has missed the event Epic darting?

I did, missed half of the attempts. Thought it would last for two days.

Who changed the pattern? When there were legendary AND Unique events, these were always on Sunday ONLY, because there are just two attempts in total!

Now you put one attempt on Saturday and one on Sunday. Is that trick or treat to change the event distribution pattern?

I missed 6 Epic attempts - feels like an April Fool event.


It really sucks that the epic darts that I wanted to get today just got deleted for a single legendary event that I didn’t want. Now I have to wait for tomorrow to dart the epics I came out for? Could they not make it so the legendary event goes away when you do the 1 dart?


the epics were 1 day only.

What do you mean to wait for tomorrow for the Epics? Tomorrow is one single unique attempt. No epics.

I got all 12 from inside my circle. I got really lucky!

Should have been 1-2 common, 2-3 rare, 2-3 epic, 1 legendary/unique. Especially since you only get one legendary and one unique attempt, it takes like 5 minutes each.


Yes. Should. At least they should follow the pattern they used before. Never had Epic last for just 1 day.

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:raising_hand_woman:t3: Idk the last time I left a comment on here but yessssss^^
Super annoying.

I got all 12 of my dodo attempts done on Friday, but I agree, one day for 12 epics and then one day each for a single legendary/unique makes very little sense.


The less time is annoying, I agree. But if you just notice the time…

I was so frustrated to wake up and see all the creatures changed when I had only darted 3-12 of the dinos cause I was focusing on the Dodo. Plus the spawns are always terrible so I’m never really near any. Plus it’s not like I could walk around cause…ya know.


I managed to get all 12 Dodo’s both walking and riding my bike in the misty rain and 45°. After I was done, then it really got rainy. This should have been a two day event. I did my one attempt yesterday grocery shopping in the store as Dodocevia happened to be in the store. I get to see what I can do toward Comps today as I start working the epic Comps up to 20. I assume a good month & a half to two months getting this one unless we get some kind of event in this period of time.

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