Who else is sick of only getting 10 dna for fusions


Its hard enough tracking down some epics in order to get enough dna to level up then to fuse… I feel it’s a slap in the face when I finally spot a rex after not seeing one for about a week get enough dna to fuse with my raptor and boom… 10 dna…


It’s annoying of course but it’ll just make it all the more sweeter when you finally get there.


i’ve gotten 90 twice. just got 100 on legendary stegodeus yesterday (only one i’ve had and played since april), but yeah it’s usually 10. over the course of an entire level up you usually get at least 40 once though.


Its frustrating… but then again I dont really venture out to find them… usually pull it up at work and usually on my lunch breaks… a park near where I work where I scope for dinos I need


Highest I’ve ever gotten from a fusion was 70… been wondering what the highest you can get is


It would be nice if the chances of more DNA increased as you leveled up the dinosaurs you’re fusing.


I’ve thought this same thing, @Souretsu! The higher the level of the source, the more likely you are to get more per fusion. Seems fair to me!


10 just kills me inside.

I’ve never seen 100


what would be the point of it costing more DNA to level up each time if you got more from each fusing?


think they meant like if you were to take rex to 20 even though only needs to be 15, you would get better fusing results for a lvl 15 fuse.


I am noticing an increase of the dna received for fusing, after the update. Of course I receive a lot of 10s, but my average is about 30 I think. My higher was 70 as far as I remember.


Max dna I’ve ever seen was 50 for me. 10 is the usual. It’s pretty frustrating to finally get the dna to merge, to pay 100 coins for an Epic just to see that dna level going up for another 10.
It’s different with Rare, but then I wish I could pay 100 coins to go 50x dna up instead of 5x20 coins to see 5x 10 dna up. It’s pretty discouraging and often I end up thinking "If I see another 10, I just stop “Creating” . Simply because it’s the long way to go to 1250 to power up my Einiasuchus for ex. if I only move x 10 dna a time. Why don’t they add a feature for faster power up if you have enough dna and coins for that?


I’m glad someone started a thread about this! I have been talking about this in numerous threads! My idea is and always has been to remove the 10 and 20 in the higher levels or simply change the odds of getting 10 and 20!

When you’re next fusion level is in the thousands it can take years to collect enough dna and take forever to level up with a sore finger tapping endlessly!


Some of the dinos you need dna to fuse with are hard enough to spot… happened last night which is what lead me to make this thread… found a rex… nabbed him… got enough for one fuse and would ya look at that… 10 dna… lol my indominus is taking forever… I’m stuck in the 3400 range and another legendary would help me over that hump into the next arena


Kinda makes me curious how one acquires enough dna to make some lvl 24 uniques… I am having a hell of a time trying to make an indominous… i see lvl 24 indoraptor and other uniques… like how…


I have gotten 100 once, I get 10 all the time. I think my overall average is around 20 when you average all the 10s with the occasional higher rewards.

What gets me is I seem to get 10 all the time when I only need 30 more DNA but when I need 500 more then I get 40 and 50 all the time.

In the end it balances out.