Who else is stuck in one arena since a year?

Hey there,

so since I’ve reached the 365 day mark of “being stuck in one arena”, I was wondering who else shares this fate?

I’m stuck in Library since a year and couldn’t move up. My problem: Every time I leveled one or more creatures, I always got matched with way stronger opponents. So basically: Getting punished for any progress.

Just had this again these days. I leveled two creatures (one to lvl 29, the other to lvl 28). Well and since then I meet mid 30s teams every battle. I already managed to reach 5490 one time. After that, I had a massive losing streak and flew back to 51xx.

Now I often just drop back to Aviary. That’s actually the only possibility to get these incubators without spending hours and hours in the game praying for one fair battle. I do feel sorry when I climb back up and slaughter through weaker teams at 4800/4900 and lower Library, but as said I can only farm incubators using that “strategy”. And I hate it. Since I had to deal with droppers myself many many times. Never thought that one day I’d be one of them.

So, how is your experience? Do you have any advice? My guess is, that we should return to the old matchmaking system based on trophy count only.


I was stuck in the library for over a year, then yo-yo’d between library and gyro for a few Months. Can still go on epic losing streaks and find my way back to the library, but never for too long.
Since the update it does show opponent trophies and over the last few days I have been matched with similar players. I’m on a high score at the moment 5739, but before update I was facing players with up to 6,500 trophies.
Unfortunately the only way to progress significantly in this game is spend a lot of money, not an option for most players.


I’m pretty sure matchmaking is based on trophies only in the Library.

I’m in a similar situation as in I’m in the library and have been for a long time. I can’t imagine I will ever get out as I freely admit I’m not a very good pvp player. I have a team of 27 - 29 dinos, including Mortem at 27 and no matter how hard I try I just tread water.

I guess it’s because there must be a lot of players at a similar level. And it’s obvious that with so many players sitting between 4900 and 5400 some will move up - the good players, the ones with most boosts etc… and some like me will just stay still. Win one, lose one, win 2 lose 2 and so it goes on.

So I gave up even trying to get out of the Library some time ago. I continue to strengthen my team, putting the boosts into it and so on. But all that does is keeps me where I am!

Fortunately I love the raids and I enjoy the fact that my alliance is vibrant. So my interest is still high in the game.


same here, but in aviary.
when i stopped playing about 1 year ago, i was level15 and about 4550 score and a real mediocre team with just 1 unique indoraptor level 22 and the rest the usual legendaries around lv20. i restarted this summer and really did improve my team a lot to now all 24-25 uniques and 26 draco/phora, also some boosts of course.
the more i improve, the harder the fights in the pvp arena, i´m stuck at about 4800 now, and if i win 2 i´m sure the next round is a lv30 thor with 139 speed that kills my team alone.
i really like this game with raids now and the alliance stuff, the pretty animations are great. but the pvp arena is still a frustrating and painfull event everytime i try.

I agree with everything you said. I’m sitting at the top of library and can occasionally get to gyrosphere but can’t win a battle there. It always infuriates me when I lose to someone who has used the cheapest tactics to win, aka rat swapping. Thats pretty much the only reason I lose a battle these days.

I’m in aviary too but I’ve only been stuck for one month. I range about 4600 to 4700. What I did is boost one Dino, aka a level 24 indom. Currently it has 1836 attack 4000 up and 127 speed. I basically rely on that Dino cuz my team is 18 to 24. I can get indom to 25 but the treasure chase won’t give me the gold it should so. I have 1300 boosts, should I put them on my 22 maxima or wait for Gemini @GermanRaptor

21th of November 2019 (my sister’s birthday btw)

The day I reached library. Didn’t know it’ll be my prison.

Seriously, leagues and resets have to go. New arenas should be introduced and we should start climbing once again


Lol I’ve been in aviary since I think March

So am I, I thought things are going to turn for the better with this update. But now I am facing 29-30 Thor’s in aviary boosted which even its counters like Magna and erlikosypx together can’t take down. I don’t know where Ludia gets the ideas from, but i feel only the concerns of amber club and top players are being taken into consideration. So after couple of updates and after playing the game for over a year, I have come to the conclusion to give up the game because games are to take down stress level, but playing this gets me frustrated with the poor gameplay and poor decisions from Ludia. Top players stay top, middle tiers stay there and lower levels come up to middle and aviary and library gets flooded with mid level players. And the count is not going to decrease but rather increase. If I have my Thor, I’ll win with a probability of 85% if I don’t have it, the opponent would have it and would win with the same percentage. Where is the strat in this. Many would say it’s because I don’t have the Thor, but I have a good one and I feel bad taking out Dino’s one by one where no real skill other than pressing a button is required. Not sure what Ludia is aiming to achieve with this strat.

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This seems to be really bad.

Dunno how it’s going for you guys, but for me I don’t even have to put Level 1-5 creatures in my team for dropping. I keep falling with my mid 28 team because I am facing mid 30s teams with heavily boosted broken creatures.

Also, for some stupid reason Ludia decided to nerf Thor for raids but buff him in a ridiculous way for the arena. This is why I face 145 speed Thors with a ridiculous amount of damage.

Anyways, I’ve decided to drop into mid Aviary. I had enough of this mess. Spent 2 hours for battling and it took me that amount of time for 4 incubators. I will drop down to “earn” (lol) the incubators by easily wiping out weaker times.

Because obviously, this is what Ludia intended.

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I was in Aviary for about 8 months. Been in lower library for about 6 weeks now with the occasional trip to Aviary still!
I’m F2P and more and more thinking I should start playing with more variety And having fun instead of trying to climb arenas. I don’t see much hope of holding my own higher up the ladder. Far too many whales on up high!

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been stuck in aviary for a long time. before 2.0/2.1 i was hitting Library and staying for lengthy periods, but im back down in aviary again. i also don’t play as much as a used to so it is inevitable that i’ll fall behind a bit.

I have a full set of L30 unboosted Dinos now and stay around mid library since 1 year also. Took some time to replace both Indos now after 2.0. Funny thing though is, during boost shuffle, I put around 120 boosts in different Dinos but only got to 5550… That teached me a real lesson, that boosts for arena are a real waste. Rather put them in my L29 Toura and help my friends win raids. More fun!



At last more and more people are waking up!

Wonder how much cash that is?
Wonder how many coins that could give.

Progress takes time and dedication. Keep leveling and boosting your dinos and you’ll move up in the ranks. It happened with me.

You should build 2-3 different teams.

  1. For high level dinos, 25+
  2. For level 20-21 (rare and hard to get uniqes)
  3. For casual funny matches, level 16.

Alterate between those.

Put some sweet boosts on the team in level 20-21.

Build a cool strategy:

  • Swap-in
  • Armour
  • A team with specific dino (sauropods, small dinos, etc.)

Relax. :sunny::end:

No. This is what people think.
It only becomes worse.


It’s not what I think, it’s what I know. I’ve done it, and I’m sure you can too if you put your mind to it.

Yes, exactly. This is totally the way I experienced it. I leveled a lot of creatures since the day I reached Library. And I used a lot of boosts on them. F.e. my Tenrex. I had him at 23 when I arrived with no boosts. Now level 29 with 14/15 boosts. Same goes for my other creatures, just as an example.

And every damn time I leveled one creature and/or boosted it, I kept facing way stronger teams until today.

Matchmaking is based on teams. Whenever I put common lvl 5 creatures in for dropping, I suddenly started battling opponents with teams that would be EQUAL to my actual arena battle team. Know what I mean? So this shows me, that there are opponents in my power range around my trophy count, but I actually never get matched with these. Instead, I seriously have to spend 1-2 hours just to fill the incubator slots and get daily incubator.

This is what annoys me. It frustrates me. Ludia’s gotta be the only company that heavily punishes any progress.

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Trust me. I did that since the day I realized I’d spend a lot of time in that arena. But every time I get any progress, it gets worse. Like way worse.

This is what this entire thread is about.