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Who else missinterpreted the boost reset?

What a mess I made …

Very recently, I was informed by my alliance mates that apparently those Stat Boosts which you once refunded will not be resetted in today’s 2.0 update. Gamepress had this explicitely mentioned in their summary post from June 15, but at this point, for me, the damage was already done. Doing some major re-boosting (e.g. unboost Maxima and Zorion for Constrictor) as well as some minor experiments in the last weeks did cost me roughly half of my boost points.

Surely, that was my mistake. I could have informed myself better.

However, at this point I run into the problem that Ludia, in my opinion, did not mention that really delicate issue - neither in their original announcement of the boost reset (May 29) nor in the Release Notes of 2.0 three days ago. I mean, an explicit warning would not have hurt anybody, right? At least, for my part, this would have avoided loosing approximately 5k-8k boosts points, worth several months of arena battles …

Who else was as stupid as I and also missinterpreted the boost reset conditions?

It’s been all over the forum for a while now about Boost refunds… Blame your alliance mates for that one. :unamused:


Release Notes.

There is no one to blame but me. And yes, it is discussed here. Though, unfortunately I do not visit the forum regularly enough to catch up with all the discussions…

Also, I know that it’s in the patch notes. I just wish they had made it somewhat more explicit (… each creature’s current Stat Boosts …) or even mentioned the issue directly…

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…so if I’m understanding correctly, you basically “refunded” your own boosts to reconstruct, BEFORE the actual official boost reset due to mishandled information? Thereby losing HALF of them in the process instead of getting ALL of them back for free?

Man, that’s rough.

Personally going forward, I would take any other interpretation of info from your alliance with a “grain of salt” after that experience. I’m sure they are good mates and meant well but geeze…

Definitely ask the forum before you do anything else or need something interpreted that has a permanent outcome. Never hurts to have multiple sources.

I’m sorry you had to experience that.


That’s rough - really feel for you; I was contemplating deboosting one creature when the announcement was made. The nature of the reset was clarified fairly early on but if you don’t visit the forums regularly it was easy to miss.