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Who else still can't progress because of Drone Deadshot?

There’s no two ways about, I suck at darting :joy:

However, it’s still dumb that I can’t progress because I can’t do a SPECIFIC achievement. Whilst attempting to get the achievement I’ve completed pretty much everything else. Please Ludia, change it so you progress once a player has completed a percentage of available achievements

P.S. I have also just completed this which would have been a far better required achievement as it is about grinding and not (in my case) blind luck


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Some off us had to do 10 epic darts…
I think you can manage the 8 hits.


I got lucky and got the 8 direct hits on a Secodontosaurus right after they changed it to 8

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I’d recommend you’d do it on an Ankylosaurus, Monolophosaurus, Pteranodon or maybe indeed a Secodontosaurus. If you’re in Europe, Struthiomimus would also be a good option. Those are among the easier Epics to dart, so be sure to do it on those. Everyone needs to pass this achievement at some point, and I don’t think Ludia will change it because one person is unable to do it, while other people have already passed it without much trouble.

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Don’t worry. Haven’t managed to do it yet either. Ugh…

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Took a while, but I was able to do it. Koolasuchus would be the easiest along with epic deer and the short range dog. Practice. Practice. Practice.

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Well that’s good for some, want a cookie? As stated I’m not the best. Plus the screenshot of the achievement indicates I’ve attempted 100 times as good is guaranteed

I was unable to do it and had an alliance mate do it for me.

Are you using veteran mode drone? IMO it’s the best for accuracy.

Obviously it’s much easier for some of the creatures. However, yesterday I popped 2 Giga scents and no word of a lie, I got zero epics drawn so it is hard to practice on a specific creature when they just don’t spawn in lol

I gave veteran a try but was hard to get used to it. I use the classic drone may I can give it a try

Koolasuchus, monolophosaurus, deer are the easier ones at the top of my head. I took the opportunity to try it on the first 2 during the last event and got It after a few tries on a monolophosaurus

Yeah, it would have been a great opportunity, unfortunately, I have 9 supply drops in range and none of them turned to the event ones :pensive:

I’ve pretty much accepted that I won’t progress past this one. Never had more than 6 direct hits on an epic in the 2 years I’ve been playing. I’m not an achievement chaser so not overly fussed…

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Eucladoceros is very easy.

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We’re in the same boat!

Yeah, honestly couldn’t care less about titles etc, I am only interested in the coin and cash

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I don’t see why it’s a problem, just keep playing and you’ll get it eventually

Concavenator, Eucaladeros, Koolasuchus, Megistotherium, Carbonemys, and Secodonto are possible. I could’ve progressed last week on koolaid, but no green drops in my area. And we’re in lockdown

There are quite easy creatures to dart to complete this achievement, koolasuchus, the deer, megisto, secodonto, carbonemys, those are some I can think of rn but others have listed more options. The requirements for it has already been downgraded from 10 to 8, so its easier than before, 8 is manageable, just have to have the right creature, drone mode, and battery, other than that u just have to aim and fire

I got it on an amphibian when it had to be 10 darts. The one that has me stuck is the nullifying impact or whatever because I’m in Aviary already and no one in their right mind uses an indom anymore. Also, there is no indom fight to get around this in the pve battles. When I try to do this in friendly pvp, neither me nor my friend ever gets their indom