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Who else still can't progress because of Drone Deadshot?

the wonderful world of campaign can help u there pal

Ironically, I got 8 during the darting launch where I unlocked the 6 achievement and haven’t managed since!

I got 7 in a row on a Koolasuchus over the weekend, but lost my composure and missed the final 3 darts :tired_face:

I looked through campaign. There isn’t an indom fight.

Look at the last level in chapter 8

Yeah. I just found it. Much later and higher a battles than I expected. Thanks.

there’s one in the legendaries tab, in the upper fights I believe

Some dinos are easier to dart than others. I did my 8 on koolasuchus last week

It is called an achievement…not a free gift.


you’re at least better than me! I can’t even get 6 direct hits.

I just jumped from the level 11 achievement to almost completing level 20 in under 3 minutes shows you how stuck I was on those early achievements

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Thank you but I’m very bad :slight_smile:

I here you about suck at darting, I do to lol. However I still managed to get the 8 direct hits. suggestions on creatures that are pretty easy to dart
Erliko (while hard to find I managed to get my 8 on it)
Any of the epic raptors (Ex: troodon,pyroraptor)
Those are the creatures I have seen and been told, that people find pretty easy to dart due to that possible darting spots

i can barely even get 3 direct hits on an epic, so 8 is basically impossible

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