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Who gets the worst spins in PVP

I just have the worst luck with spins, wondering what every else gets in an average run. Actually this morning is one of my better ones which is still sad…ten spins, all Elite prize wheels.
5700 food
100 LP
5700 food
11375 coins
5700 food
100 LP
22800 food


images - 2020-08-18T172502.793

My luck with spin wheel is also not great, I keep getting 14K coins or food. I would take Giganotosaurus since it’s locked for me.

As for LPs, my worst has been 10 LPs in the wheel :joy:


Once did about 15 PvP modded battles. Got some SDNA once or twice and the rest were complete garbage.

I used to do PvP when my second spin worked more than 4 times a day.

It was hit or miss, but I hit it hard, like 30 battles a night.

If PvP modded didn’t leave me with so many unwanted super rares and rares, I’d play it more than I do.

I get food. Every spin.

Not if you use max legendaries. Elite wheel has no food just crappy 40 DNA and loyalty points.


This is the answer. I always make sure I am playing on the Elite wheel for Modded PvP.

You only need one qualifying dino for the elite wheel. The other 2 can be just below (or a bit below like L10 VIP.)

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I play 2 lv 1 commons and a worthy dino in the middle, works 95% of the time so that’s great.

I always use a lvl 10 common carnivore, a lvl 40 Spinoraptor and again a lvl 10 common carnivore together with mods like piercing bite or nullify.
This is enough to qualify myself for the elite wheel and I usually win more than 90% of the fights.
In two to three out of five spins I get SDNA.

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Wow great odds. I usually get crap 50% of the time. I need sdna bad