Who got the incubator from Expert Harvest Trial?

Just one bite from phoru, and my bird is pretty much done.

I did. Used my level 25 unboosted Erlikospyx.


I’m dreading this due to RNG with my Erlidom’s cloak.

difficult trial. used a 22 spyx. i keep forgetting procerath has null counter. if it had 131 speed i wouldve lost.

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Did it with 21 Erlikospyx.

21 Erlidom with one speed boost. Got lucky and they sent out Klenken, then Procera and then Phoru.

Klenken died to 1 rampage.


Glad I leveled it up to 22, the extra HP saved my turkey buns.

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I took 0 damage in the raid, fully boosted lvl 30 Erl… I actually didn’t take a point of damage in any of the trials this week

Level 30 unboosted Erlikospyx did the trick.

i’m screwerd. i only have a 20 erlikosaurus. i think i did a different epic incubator with it tho

I beat it using a lvl 28 Erlikodomimus.
The key is starting with the speed up strike.
It also help that the enemies didn’t use their best moves

I only won because the AI was being an idiot. My klenken didn’t even get hit once. And yes I did accidentally use klenken.

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for high levels it is not a problem

what level? i tried using my level.15 erlikogama with a speed boost, and i still got destroyed by phora’s instant rampage…

a level 15 as well. Although they all kept doing their 0.0x damage moves.

really? weird… what should i do, my kelenken is only like level 12 and while i have the dna i dont have enough coin.

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Yeah I think it’s a bug. Wish someone who really needed this bug got it.

yeah, that would have been nice.

I finished it with my lvl 16 erlikosaurus.

I tossed two speed boosts on spyx, just in case. Strangely the lineup and moves were totally different than the videos I saw. Pho never used its instant. Could have easily done it without the boosts. Oh well…