Who had a bigger level?

My level is 4!:sweat_smile:
It’s hard to get bigger level.


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Once you get to level 5, you’ll unlock a massive achievement! :smiley:

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What is your question?
Why 10 characters? I have more than 10.

Thanks, I’m looking forward to it. My only bad luck is that I have the game on my dad’s phone and I can only play it in the morning.:sweat_smile::see_no_evil:

I’m kinda confused on what you meant being level 4?

My level in game is 4, what is strange?

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oh I thought you meant like the battle pass stuff. Thank you for helping me realize!


No problem :blush:
I like helping :relieved:

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What is your level in game?

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I’m level 20

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been playing since 2018

Please don’t post your age online. That’s not safe.

You make me feel old lol.

Getting to level 20 took me one year. I believe you can do it faster.

Level 18, so raiding.