Who has beat this insane tower?

And how’d you do it? And don’t come up in here telling us how you used level 26 and 28 dinos. :sweat_smile:

My Dinos are all around level 20 and I didn’t even kill one of them.

Won with a mid lvl team. Suchotator 18, spinothasuchus 16, alanky 17 and stegodeus( didn’t need to use it).

  1. Sucho bleed
  2. Sucho distract
  3. Alanky swap in
    Dilo doesn’t rampage and run, dies!!
  4. Superiority strike
  5. Rampage (alanky dies)
  6. Spinothasuchus bleed first andfor the win (could have been a veloci or tany, just faster than dilourano…)
    Hope i helped someone!

CandyCane’s method worked for me. Although I did have to use stegodeus because of crits.

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So glad to hear it! Glad i helped! Were the rewards any good?

Sucho in first
Bled and then used distraction
Sucho dead and so is dilo
Spino in
2 bleds and spino dinos
Stego in to tank

I used level 26-28 dinos :man_facepalming:t4:

But nice strategy @CandyCane !


Tnx man @Hersh , i always come up with something to win these things :smiley:

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You’re a good example for players who may not have higher level dinos … a little bit of creativity and strategy are all you need sometimes :+1:t4::+1:t4:


Bled them. Used Spinotasuchus (L20), Dimodactylus (L11), Indoraptor (L23), Draco G2 (L15)

Diloraicherus, Spino start
Dilo distracting strike
Spino lethal wound; swap in Dimodactylus
Dilo GSR, dimo dead, dilo bleeds to death

Diloranasaurus swap in, Spinotasuchus swap in
Spino lethal wound
dilo distracting impact, spino dead
Indo swap in
dilo GSR
Indo CI
dilo bleeds to death

Sometimes i even surprise myself :smiley: will try to record next time (saw your vid) to help more mid levelers


You really should record! It’s soo much watching people try out new stuff.
I’ll be honest, watching high leveled teams go up against epic towers can get a little boring (mine included :sweat_smile:) 4 level 25+ vs 2 level 30s… the outcome can’t be too surprising

I don’t have alanky yet. So the swap in invincibility won’t work for me

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Alanqua? Just one turn to bleed it out is what you need…

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Will try next time. If i get something good, i,ll be sure to tag you :wink:

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Here’s how I did it (This is how I just created indoraptor like 10 minutes ago, by doing this!, btw, I just reached lvl 13 by doing this as well)

  • I start with Monostegotops lv 16 (opponent starts with Diloracheirus)
  • Turn 1, Diloracheirus uses distracting strike, I use slowing impact for 600 damage.
  • Turn 2, I use greater stunning impact for 600 damage, and stun.
  • Turn 3, Distraction ends. I use Nullifying Impact for 1799 damage (crit), Diloracheirus uses greater stunning rampage and kills my monostegotops.
  • Turn 4, Slowing ends. I put lv 20 velociraptor in, BUT swapped in to lv 14 dracorex gen 2 for shattering rampage, 1270 damage, kills diloracheirus.
  • Turn 5, I’m pinned, opponent Diloranosaurus is sent out. Diloranosaurus uses Distracting Impact and kills dracorex gen 2.
  • Turn 6, I sent in lv 20 indominus rex. I use cloak, and dodge diloranosaurus greater stunning rampage.
  • Turn 7, I dodge Diloranosaurus Impact and Run, I use Armor Piercing Rampage for 3792 damage.
  • Turn 8, Diloranosaurus uses Distracting Impact, hits indominus rex. I use Armor Piercing Impact for 1422 damage and kill Diloranosaurus!

I got 11684 coins, 957 Sarcosuchus, 4104 Lythronax, 422 Amargasaurus, 94 Carnotaurus, 95 Stygimoloch, and 210 Darwinopterus (didn’t have that yet, yay!)

Do you think I could win with Suchotator level 17, Spinotahraptor Level 17, Stegodeus Level 18, Alanqa level 15? I don’t have Alanky and Spinotahsuchus. Would another tank like Gigaspikasaur level 16 work?

Try my order. Hopefully the diloch will ss your alanqua when you swap and die. I dont know if spinotharaptor outspeeds dilourano to bleed it… any tank will work if it survives two hits while dilourano is bleeding… spinotasuchus has the speed advanage over dilourano, luckily i got mine just two days ago…

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But i don’t think alanqua has the hp to survive a hit from dilourano.

Done it with
Suchotator lv 16 - bleed then swap to
Dimorphodon lv2 - swap in bleed (dimi dies-
Swap in velo lvl 20 - atk x1 (first enemy dead)
Velo atk x2 (velo low hp now)
Swap in suchomimus lvl 5 - swap in bleed (sucho dead)
Swap raptor atk x2 (second enemy dead)

Easy win nice ~400 koolasu**a*s DNA …


Nice one!

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