Who have a funny and/or theme based squad?

Always read about strenght and powerful dinos in this forum.
Do everyone aim to climb in rank?

Is their any players who have a funny deck, some weird combos or a uniq playstyle?

Maby a team with specific dinos, swap-team, counter dinos, small crearures, overlevled commons, only raptors…?!

Please let me see something different!

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now with the abilities and changes in battles I restructured team.

DracoGen 2 15
Dracoceratops 18
I.Rex 20
Alankylo 17
Pirry 18
And I sometimes use Suchomimus level 5 for some fun in combination with above. it is not my oficial team but useful to have some fun if arena is really hard.


Do you swap between them even if they have half Life left…?
Or just wait to they Die…?

depends on the day or if I’m going towards lower arenas on purpose.

my aim is to have fun trying to do really long battles just to annoy my rival.

Even if I’m lucky enough and my team is plenty of trago paramoloch dracoceratops and alankylo and rival cannot crush shields… battle takes a bit to finish

Love this!

What 's the best dino if you want to play the match for loooonngg…?

Would like to hear some more thoughts!

I have gotten further than I ever have in Sorna with:

Draco gen 2 - lvl 14
Alanqua - lvl 14
Sarcorxis - lvl 16
Stego - lvl 17
Indo Rex 17
Erlikosaurus gen 2 - lvl 16
Ankylocodon - lvl 20
Kentrosaurus - lvl 14

3253 trophies but was over 3300 yesterday

nice combination!