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Who have the best spawns β€” Players out in the country or players in the city?


I was traveling by the bus today between a bigger city to another.

While I was on the highway I did see a lot of supply drops and A TON of invisible spawns. On my journey there was a dinosaur popping up on the map every 5-6 sec for the whole trip.

After 1 hour traveling I was in the city again. And the map had completly shifted. The invisible spawns was not that frequently and the supply boxes was far between.


  1. Is the difference good or bad?
  2. Do players in the country find good Epics and good spawns?
  3. Why do players in the city have longer distance between supply drops?

Picture examples.

First from the highway and after that from the city.


Hoping you darted that turtle.


As a rural player i can say in my experience 1.10 map changes were a significant upgrade to the amount of depots and proximity spawns.

As far as ar games go. It went from good to the second highest density of maps spawns i experienced in the genre.

And it was only dethroned this week.

depends on the city. highway driving out here, the stops are not as frequent. if i go down the boulevard in my city, the stops are very frequent and allign the road. parks here are decent with green stops. ill try to take pictures.

We live in a biggish city and the spawns are ok. When we drive to more rural towns the spawn rates drop drastically


I`ve been out on the country this weekend and I really see a big change since last time I was out of the city.

I’m happy for players living out there :slight_smile:

Could you please look at my pictures I post down here.

You mean you have this many in your own city?

Where do you live?

A few more pictures from the hunting today, out in the country.

Looks AMAZING. And found 5 anky aswell!

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Yup those are what the roads surrounded by corn fields and forest look like near me.


I’m in a city. This is the park by my house.

This is on the other side of my house last night.

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That park looks great!

Wish I had one of those!

Thats the flip side for me… my own close park is state game lands… which means in two weeks its gonna be full of hunters. Not good for hunting anything i cant dart by driving by.