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Who have you dropped/added to your team since 1.11 dropped?

So far I’ve only played a few battles but I removed my unboosted Dio for Spyx since my Dio is well under leveled. I never had Spyx because of the low health and 1 shot of the rat.


No changes currently.

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I have to see the new legendary hybrid stats first.
Allo is way to weak (sadly).
Perhaps Mammotherium, Baja or Mono.
I have a spot left atm.

Nothing. Just doing pretty much what I’ve always did, and Maximus is still doing a good job, even if there’s no guarantee kill on raptors.

I may replace DC when I finish making my Diorajasaur. Worth a look. Or maybe I’ll bring in Thylacotator when it reaches level 21 and still leave the Suchotator in my squad. Or maybe I’ll just keep DC. Too soon to say

Droped Max for IG2, Thor and Vexus both still get swaped randomly.

I was hoping/expecting Indo G2 to get nerfed, but since that certainly didn’t happen, I may start using her. When I saw Blue as the new daily mission reward, I felt like someone was pointing a blade into my back and saying I need to use her or I’ll be pummeled by her every day

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i plan to drop either erlidom or smilonemys for alloraptor when she reaches team level. can’t decide as of yet. I’ll also have to take a hard look at the erlikogamma and scaphtator to see if i want them as well.

trying some combinations here, specially to find if there’s room for draco yet.

for now, it seems draco will be VERY hard to mantain. let me do some more tests…

indo2 seems a bit nerfed for now. let me find more yoshis and maximas before talk about it…

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Dracocera out, Indo G2 in.

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i made that change when boost 2.0 dropped.


Seriously thinking about dropping Suchotator as a lot of immune to DOT is creeping up.

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Might drop Maxine, but I want to giver it a bit longer before doing anything rash.
May wait until I get Smilonemys or Spike Turtle built before making a decision.

I really want to give Spyx a go, but that means dropping a speedster, and my team is already too speedster heavy. I’ve got Phorusaura, Indo Gen 2, Erliko and Magna.
Erliko and Magna are pretty darn high level in my team.

While Phorus and Indo Gen 2 are a few levels below my team average, their move sets really make up for it, and I think Gen 2 is arguably better than before after the update.

Hmm, decisions decisions…

Dropped Rat, brought back Utahsino. Had never used Spyx due to ratability, but may level it up now and add it. Funny, I had just finally created Max and now will not get to use her.

Nothing really changed with my team. Still working on getting Thor to replace my Allosino.

i would try thyla then. she still has the bleed, but her kit is a bit more versatile. DP with rending takedown very rarely does not crit. She has suchotator’s bulk and swap in distraction.


I am seriously about to drop Utahsino. Ever since the last update and the boost reset she has become a real glass cannon, and always gets one shotted. The question is who do I replace her with?

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a couple of suggestions (idk what role you have utah for)
thyla: bulky, has speed control, cleans + increased crit rate, bleed, huge %based damage, high crit chance, immune to stun and has swap in distract. quite a versatile kit
Phorusaura: bulky, instant damage, speed up + cleanse + dodge, 2x damage run move, more speed control, immune to lockdown and has swap in stun.
Erlikogamma: (not 100% on this one, just basing off her kit.) fast (130 base speed), speed up, 2x precise move, big distract, 2x run move, immune to lockdown.

There are probably others, but i haven’t used them enough to say for sure. I don’t have many uniques unlocked, so i can’t help there.


The thing is that those would conflict with the rest of my team, which happens to be between 20 and 24. They are not at that level yet and would be a liability. Only exception is Indo Gen 2 with which is a 19 but close to being a 20. I will just have to monkey around with it a bit. Utahsino is my speedster even though she is unboosted

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fair enough. i still play in the 19-21 range, so it may be a bit easier for me to swap out teammates.
Hope you find something that works for you.